What Cannabis Products Can you Smoke—Your Weed Smoking Guide

Smoking is the most traditional technique of taking cannabis, and it remains the most common practice to this day. The Scythians, who lived in Central Asia between 600 BC and 400 AD, were one of the oldest reported weed smokers.

They were reported to breathe the smoke from marijuana thrown on a solid rock within their tents. Hemp flower is undoubtedly the most popular weed product nowadays. The most common methods to inhale marijuana are through joints, pipes, or bongs.

Smoking weed is arguably the most straightforward method of consumption. All you require is some marijuana products of your choice, a tool to smoke, and a lighter. Here in this article, we will provide an insight to weed products that you can smoke, so let’s get down.

Why Smoke Cannabis?

You might already know that smoking cannabis and CBD is the fastest way to experience its effects. Moreover, consuming cannabis via edible products delays the onset of weed’s impact, while smoking lets you feel it within minutes.

The reason? Cannabis consumables have to go through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream. In contrast, smoke enters the lungs and enters the bloodstream directly without metabolizing.

Cannabis offers many therapeutic benefits such as anxiety relief, pain management, anti-inflammation, etc. You can enjoy all these benefits instantly via smoking.

Besides instant effects, smoking cannabis also lets you reap the most cannabis benefits. Since the digestion process makes waste of most cannabis chemicals, smoking gives you the most powerful shot. So for that reason, many cannabis enthusiasts prefer smoking over any other method.

What Cannabis Products are Available for Smoking?


CBD oil is by far the most prevalent CBD product. It comes in three different varieties depending on its chemical profiles, such as:

  • Full-spectrum (comes with all chemicals of cannabis)
  • Broad-spectrum (have most phytochemicals but THC)
  • CBD-isolate (only CBD, not other chemicals)

Depending on your desired cannabis effects, you can choose any of them. However, speaking of inhaling CBD, you can do it in two ways: smoking or vaping.


You will need an oil rig that is quite like a water pipe for smoking CBD oil. The oil rigs work when you heat the “nail” compartment for placing the CBD oil. You can put the oil in the nail with a dabber, a small metal tool to pour the oil into the rig from the bottle. The rig produces the smoke you inhale to experience the CBD benefits when you heat the rig.


There are several pre-filled CBD oil vape carts available that you can attach to your vape pen and enjoy the CBD effects. However, for those new to vaping, getting a vape starter kit is the best option.

Suppose you seek the maximum benefit of CBD without the unpleasant feeling of smoke (as medicinal cannabis) in your throat and mouth. In that case, vaporization is a fantastic healthier alternative to smoking.

Vaping benefits you in many ways; its high concentration provides optimum benefits. You can also effortlessly regulate your dosage levels.

Hemp flowers

Hemp is high in Cannabidiol and weak in THC, making it an excellent source of CBD oil and other compounds. CBD or hemp flowers are preferred for smoking by many CBD lovers because they are discreet and strong.

It’s vital to note that CBD flowers come in a variety of colors, each of which indicates the quality of the product. CBD flowers of excellent standard come in a wide range of hues, from emerald to violet.

The CBD flower’s color ranges bright and clear, signifying high-quality CBD. On the other hand, Brown, orange, and yellow flowers are not suitable for health and should be disregarded.

If we speak of inhaling hemp flower, there are quite a few ways to do so, such as:

Joints or Pre-Rolls

are the most sought-after method of smoking hemp flowers. You either roll them into joints of cones yourself or get hemp pre-rolls.

Pipe or Bong

do not ask for crushing the flower as much. Fill the pipe or bong and enjoy the cannabis breath.

Dry Herb Vape

allows you to vape your dry flower instead of oil. You can put a hemp flower in the chamber and convert it to smoke.

CBD Powder/CBD Isolate Crystals

CBD isolate is the cleanest and most thoroughly refined version of Cannabidiol (CBD), removing all organic materials except CBD. The high-quality CBD isolate is over 99 percent purified, without any THC, impurities, chemicals, or toxic substances.

CBD isolate is highly versatile due to its homogeneity, absence of flavor, and odour. While there are several ways to consume CBD isolate, smoking is the fastest to experience CBD effects. About that, you can smoke it by vaping/dabbing it or adding it to a joint or roll with hemp flower.

Vape/dab CBD Powder

Vaping CBD will not make you intoxicated; instead, it will allow you to reap the rewards of CBD swiftly. CBD could be dabbed with a  vape or a dry herb vape, and it can also be blended with oils to make DIY CBD extracts. You can add the dry herb vape to the vape pen and enjoy the CBD smoke.

Adding to Hemp Flower Joint

Mix CBD isolates to cannabis buds and wrap it in a joint if you want a strong dosage of CBD with perks of other cannabinoids. CBD will not generate the synergetic effect on its own due to its uniformity. However, when coupled with cannabis flower, this will produce boosted CBD effects. Hemp flower includes a high concentration of CBD and other components like terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids.

Ear Wax

Ear Wax is a form of marijuana extract that gets its title from how it looks and feels. Wax has dense yet flexible, putty consistency, falling between sloppy, fluid extracts such as cannabis oil and rigid, brittle extracts such as shatter.

Wax may occur in various textures relying on factors including distillation process, humidity, and heat, extending from the liquid, flowing side of the choice towards being more vicious and brittle.

Despite these distinctions, all wax concentrations are in the middle of the oil and shatter spectrum. This midway position makes Wax particularly easy to deal with for many users.

Simply put, Wax is a highly flexible strain due to its distinctive and easy-to-use composition. You can smoke ear wax in a variety of ways, such as:

  •         Using a dab rig
  •         Making use of a nectar collector
  •         With the help of a vaporizer
  •         A joint, a spliff, or a blunt

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are cannabis blooms that have been soaked in hashes oil (or showered with it) and then rolled in kief. These moon rocks are perfect for weed fans with a strong tolerance for the drug. You can use it since the latest assessments put the THC content at roughly 51%, which is over twice the strength of some of the most potent cannabis varieties.

When understanding how to inhale moon rocks, remember never to employ a crusher. You should not mistake dealing moon rocks as if they were flowers. If you put your stones in a grinder, they will become exceedingly vicious, and you might not be ready to redirect them.

Furthermore, you will undoubtedly waste a large portion of kief and oil from the nugs due to the fangs of the grinder.  While smoking, it is the best approach to split the moon rocks into tiny bits by fingers. Because smoking moon rocks is so different from typical puffing flowers, you’ll need a glass bong, pipe, or maybe a desktop vaporizer to get the best out of it.

Sun rocks

Sun rocks are the same as the moon rocks as they are also infused-cannabis buds; however, there is a difference between them.

First and foremost, sun rocks are far more potent than moon rocks. The moon rocks have a THC strength of 40-50%, whereas the sun rocks have a concentration of more than 50 percent and up to 80 percent. Even seasoned clients may be astonished by the impact of a sun rock.

Sun rocks demand the very same breed of flower and extract. Still, moon rocks take nugs, kief, and hashish, many of which can be manufactured from multiple varieties or a combination of them. Hybrid Kush is the most popular sun rock cultivar.

The manner these two types of infused buds are made allows you to appreciate the flower employed in sun rocks much more accessible. In contrast, the viewpoint is hindered by kief in moon rocks.

Smoking sun rocks entail almost the same approach as the moon rocks.

Cannabis Caviar

Caviar cannabis or marijuana caviar is frequently mistaken for moon rocks. However, flowers were steeped in hash oil and covered in kief. Caviar marijuana is commonly used to describe cannabis that has been soaked in hash oil; however, it may not contain a coating of kief exterior.

Caviar has the hash oil covering; however, it might not have the kief coating. On the other hand,  moon rocks usually have the hash oil top yet might not have the kief surface. To state it differently, caviar is always moon rocks, while moon rocks are not necessarily caviar.

Caviar without the kief outer coating may be a little gummy or stiff to the handle. So it is best to  Lay your caviar on a flat, solid surface and use a pen knife to chop off small pieces to light.   If it’s your first time-consuming caviar, take it easy; it has a knack for knocking out even the most seasoned potheads.

What are Other Options to Consume Cannabis?

While you might be aware that there is no safe approach to smoking cannabis. However, there are many other options for consuming other methods. Such as:


There are plenty of cannabis edibles available today that let you enjoy cannabis benefits without imposing a threat to your lungs. For many, the disadvantage is that consumables take a slower to work since they must pass through your digestive tract before reaching your blood. On a positive note, the effects will last longer. You can also select from an extensive collection of products, including gummies, baked products, and others.


Sublingual is frequently confused with edibles, although they are not the equivalent. You don’t effectively ingest oral kinds of cannabis, such as tinctures, films, solubilized pills, contrary edibles. You can insert sublingual cannabis below the tongue for assimilation. It is collected through the mucosal surfaces of the mouth, resulting in quicker benefits.


Tinctures are hemp preparations that have been infused with alcohol and are packaged in bottles with droppers. You can mix them into beverages; however, you can also obtain the benefits quickly by putting a few drops beneath your tongue.


Cannabis creams and lotions are for folks who want the medicinal effects of cannabis minus the high. To reduce inflammation and pain, you can administer lotions, balms, and bandages to the skin. Cannabis lubrication is also available for, well, intimate times.

Things to Keep In Mind While Smoking Cannabis

Though the advocates of smoking cannabis will stick to smoking no matter how suitable other methods are. For that, we are listing some tips to smoke cannabis effectively and safely.

Don’t Hold the Smoke

When you take a big inhale and retain it in your mouth, you introduce your lungs to other tar every breath.

Use Authentic and Genuine Rolling Papers and Cones

Although rolling papers appear harmless, some contain hazardous chemicals and flavorings. So for that, it is a must to look for authentic sellers of smoking pieces of equipment such as eurocones. At eurocones, we provide top-notch rolling cones with reasonable price tags.

Go for to glass bongs and pipes

Substances like BPA and phthalates have been connected to adverse health impacts, particularly cancer, in plastic dabs.

Keep your Smoking Equipment clean

It is necessary to smoke hygienically. Rolling your weed on a clean surface and keeping your smoking equipment clean is a must for that purpose.

Don’t share mouthpieces or pass joints

However, it’s OK to share your stuff, not your pipes, blunts, or rolls. If you exchange them, you’re essentially exchanging saliva with the other individual and exposing yourself to the danger of contamination.

The Takeaway?

Smoking cannabis gives you the instant and discrete cannabis shot; however, it is not entirely safe. For that reason, we recommend proceeding with caution. Moreover, only opting for top-quality strain and smoking goods will guarantee that you take toxic-free chemicals to your lungs.