About Us

Eurocones is a one-stop-shop for original and premium smoking accessories based in the Netherlands. Founded by one of the leading pre-rolled cones aficionados servicing the major brands of pre-rolled cones since 2001, we offer nothing but original and eco-friendly cones for the smoking industry.

We know what’s best and what’s not, and we ensure that you get the best 420 experience you seek. And that’s the only drive that we seek for only top-quality paper and glue for making pre-rolled cones.

Why Us?

Businesses trust Eurocones’ name in the market as a premium supplier of wholesale pre-rolled cones and filling devices. To all 420 fans, we exclusively supply the greatest standard pre-rolled cones and first-class supplies.

We work to arrange for the best pre-rolled cones available in the sector. Our cones are artistically handcrafted, organic, and properly rolled to enrich your smoking session. Moreover, we use only safe and toxic-free glue to make our pre-rolled cones.

Besides all this, our pre-rolled cone paper has perfect thickness; it will neither collapse during filling the cones nor be too thick for burning. When you indulge in the smoking session, you will only experience your favourite strain and nothing else!

Eurocones also provides an amazing opportunity for professionals to ramp up their businesses with the Knockbox 100 Filling Device. By loading 100 cones in less than a few minutes, the Knockbox 100 helps business owners to save countless hours of filling and serving the cones.

Eurocones is original, and so is you.

And that’s the only reason we believe in building a lasting relationship with our clientele. We take our customer relationships to the next level with eco-friendly, service-oriented, and reliable products.

Our Mission

At our core, Eurocones is driven by Imagination, Invention, Uniqueness and Impact. We can colour your imaginations with our invention and uniqueness to leave a strong impression on you.
Our strengths are rooted in good customer service, and we can go a mile further to provide customers top-notch services. We can make your dreams come true.