Bamboo Rolling Paper: Is It Better?

What are your favorite rolling papers to use? 420 enthusiasts and smokers across the globe all have a preference, and there is very little in the world more enjoyable than relaxing with a joint that has been rolled with your paper of choice. 


When it comes to rolling a joint, smokers are spoilt for choice. The market is packed with various shapes, sizes, and flavors, and it can be a little overwhelming if you are new to the world of smoking. While traditionally rolling papers have been made using wood pulp, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for different materials, and in 2020 iconic brand Rizla unveiled the world’s first bamboo rolling paper. 


What makes for good rolling paper?

Before taking a closer look at bamboo rolling paper, it is important to understand what makes for a good joint paper. The first question to decide is whether you want to use rolling papers so that you can create your own joint or a pre-rolled cone, which is a more convenient and faster option. 


There is a wide range of highly reputable manufacturers for both rolling papers and pre-rolled cones, so taking the time to conduct your research on the best option for you can help to enjoy a superior smoke. 


Once you have chosen your style of paper, then there is a range of options to consider:

  • Type of paper

Rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes and are typically available in either white or brown, which indicates their burn rate. White rolling papers usually have a slower burn rate compared to their brown counterparts, although there are now also a range of more colorful options to choose from. 


The material of the paper is also important. As mentioned, typically, rolling papers are made from wood pulp, which is a thicker option, while smokers can also choose from bamboo rolling paper, rice paper, hemp rolling paper, as well as a range of novelty and innovative materials. 


  • Flavor 

Rolling papers also come in a various range of flavors to choose from. Most smokers opt for a more natural flavor so that the taste of the weed is not compromised or changed, while others prefer to enhance their experience by choosing a more flavored paper, which helps to provide a different taste. 


  • Additives 

If you are opting for pre-rolled cones, then another factor to consider is the additives used in the construction. The very best cones are those that have no additives, helping to give you a cleaner and more natural smoke, without the chemicals interacting with the weed. 


You should also consider the glue that is being used to keep the cone together, and more natural-based options can help to provide a smoother burn rate. 


  • Size 

Finally, the other major consideration is the size of the rolling paper or cone. Smokers have never had more choice when it comes to size, from regular size papers to jumbo novelty options, so it is important to take the time to find the right option for you. 

JWare Reefer pre-rolled rolling paper

What is bamboo rolling paper?

Bamboo rolling paper has been created to meet the growing demands from consumers around the world for vegan and sustainable rolling paper. While traditional rolling papers are made from natural ingredients and materials, trees take many years to grow to the correct size before they can be cut down and pulped into paper. This means cultivating trees is a very time-consuming process and still results in trees needing to be cut down. 

Bamboo, however, grows incredibly quickly, which makes it a great alternative for turning into paper. It is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, capable of growing up to a meter a day, which means that paper producers are able to produce much more product without damaging the environment. 

The plant also provides a range of environmental benefits, which makes its cultivation far better for the environment and wildlife. However, the benefits of smoking bamboo rolling paper do not just lie in the sustainable way the plant grows. Creating rolling papers from bamboo results in a highly flexible paper, which makes it very suitable for rolling your own joint. 

Alongside the flexibility, bamboo rolling paper also offers high strength. Every smoker will know the annoyance of a paper ripping while constructing a joint, and bamboo rolling paper provides incredible strength, helping to prevent those frustrating accidents! 

While it is incredibly strong, bamboo rolling paper also remains fully biodegradable, which helps to increase its overall sustainability compared to traditional papers. This means that the wastage of producing these papers is minimal, which makes it a highly popular choice for those looking to minimize their impact on the planet. 

In terms of the smoking experience, bamboo rolling papers are an ultra-thin style of paper, and they are constructed without the use of chemicals, helping to provide a clean and smooth flavor while smoking. Bamboo rolling paper also burns at a very slow rate, ensuring you can maximize your smoking experience. 

Eurocones hemp pre-rolled rolling paperOther types of rolling papers

Of course, bamboo is not the only type of sustainable or eco-friendly rolling paper. In recent years there has been a growing trend for more sustainable solutions when it comes to rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. 

As consumers become more focused on the products they are consuming, they seek more natural ingredients, and organic rolling papers have grown in popularity. Some of the leading manufacturers have started producing more eco-friendly and sustainable papers, with the like of the RAW Organic range being created with completely natural materials, including a natural sugar glue. 

Hemp paper is also becoming increasingly more popular, as this chemical-free and natural solution able to further enhance the smoking experience for many smokers. Rice rolling paper is also growing in popularity as not only is it incredibly sustainable to produce, but it also provides a very clean and slow burn compared to traditional papers. However, the flexibility and grip of rice paper does take a little time to get used to. 

The market is also packed with a range of innovative materials and showstoppers, from the glass cellulose rolling papers, which are completely transparent, to extravagant gold options, which are produced from real gold leaf. 

100% vegan rolling papers

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Does A Strict Drug Policy Lower The Consumption Of Drugs?

No matter whether you personally consume them or not, drug use affects everyone. Whether it is medical professionals looking after patients with drug-related issues, police enforcing their restrictions, or courts and prisons dealing with offenders, drug policy costs a lot in public taxes –   but does it reduce consumption?


There are passionate campaigners on both sides of the legalization argument. Those for legalization claim that a regulated and taxed industry would remove the illegal black market, make the drugs themselves safer, and raise significant taxes to go towards public services. On the other side of the argument, campaigners against legalization claim it will lead to an increase in consumption, become a burden on the economy, and create a range of anti-social behavior. 


However, certain countries around the world have implemented an open and tolerant approach to their drug policy, and the Netherlands has often been seen as a leading example. The pragmatic approach in the country might have made it an iconic destination for 420 enthusiasts worldwide, but has it increased the consumption of drugs within the country?




A brief history of drug policy in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is often seen as the leader in drug reform, offering some of the most tolerant drug policy legislation in the world. Unlike the majority of the world, Dutch law is considerably more relaxed, and the country takes a pragmatic approach to recreational use, driven by the belief that a drug-free society is not possible to achieve. 

The Netherlands, and in particular Amsterdam, is famous around the world for cannabis use, but the government has two clear categories for drugs. List 1 is hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy, and List 2 for softer drugs, which includes cannabis. These laws were created following the 1928 Opium Act and have been designed to reduce the impact of criminal activity, without punishing users for personal use. 

Many people mistakenly believe that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands; however, it is actually decriminalized, which is what has given rise to the legendary coffee shops. While this decriminalization sees a tolerant approach to the consumption of cannabis, they do still have to abide by a number of rules. 

The use of cannabis is not permitted in public, although police will typically only offer a warning to someone caught smoking it who is not causing a nuisance and has under five grams on them. There is a stricter approach to List 2 drugs, although small quantities such as one pill or 0.5g will typically not be prosecuted. For both options though, police will take the drugs from the offender to be disposed of.

What impact does legalizing marijuana have?

In recent years, an increasing number of countries around the world have been taking steps to legalize the use of cannabis for medical use. In America, some states have gone even further and legalized the plant for personal use.  

Legalizing cannabis is an emotive subject. Having been outlawed for decades, there is a certain stigma to smoking the plant, often seen as the drug of choice for hippies and stoners, and legalization will lead to more smokers. There is also a common misconception that marijuana is a gateway drug and will lead to the user seeking harder drugs; however, as countries such as the Netherlands have shown, both of these beliefs are not true. 

While smoking marijuana is common in the Netherlands, it is not widespread, and although the majority of the country believes cultivation laws should be relaxed, they actually smoke less than most European countries. 

Equally, those seeking stricter drug policy see marijuana smoking as a gateway drug, but studies have shown that this is not the case. There has been no evidence that smoking cannabis leads to users seeking out harder drugs. While there is certainly a correlation between the two, it is no greater than it is with drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

Does decriminalization lead to increased consumption?

Another very common question around the legalization of cannabis and softer drug policy is whether it would lead to an increase in the overall consumption. However, for over four decades, the coffee shops of the Netherlands have served joints to customers, and the country is the pioneering example of how decriminalization does not lead to increased consumption. 

Despite strict drug policy, weed is available across the globe, with a 2008 study finding that 42% of Americans regularly smoked it despite having some of the more stringent laws. However, that same study found it was only marginally higher in the Netherlands, and since legalization in America, the overall use has only increased slightly.  

Is there a better choice for drug policy?

Marijuana reform is becoming increasingly more common, and there are many options available for governments to choose over criminalization. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and has been proven to help treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions. 

This means that it is not only safe to use, but legalization can also provide a range of benefits. Marijuana arrests and incarceration places a lot of pressure on judicial systems, which costs taxpayers a lot of money and can create harsh long-term penalties on those caught smoking cannabis. 

Legalizing also provides governments with a chance to raise significant sums through taxation. Alongside taxation, a regulated cannabis industry is also able to raise vast sums for the economy through sales. For example, in America, it is estimated the government spends $29 billion on prohibition, whereas a legalized industry could generate over $106 billion for the economy

A regulated and legal cannabis industry also takes the drugs out of the hands of criminal gangs, removing their chance to raise funds for further illegal activity. It will also ensure that users are able to enjoy a higher quality of marijuana, with cannabis plants able to be cultivated using the latest methods in high-tech laboratories. 

Final thoughts

Drug policies are an essential requirement to keep users safe from the dangers of hard drugs; however, reform for softer drugs as cannabis can provide a wide range of benefits to both users and governments, as has been shown in the Netherlands. 

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We offer a wide range of sizes, and all of our pre-rolled cones are carefully handmade and 100% vegan, ensuring you can always enjoy the very best smoking experience possible. We also offer a range of filling machines for coffee shops, helping to save them hundreds of hours of filling individual cones. 

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Are All Dutchies Stoners?

The Netherlands is renowned for its relaxed and tolerant views on the use of cannabis. Often considered the marijuana capital of Europe, it is a popular destination for 420 enthusiasts around the world who visit the like of Amsterdam and Groningen to enjoy the iconic coffee shops. 

This tolerant view of cannabis means many people assume that everyone in the Netherlands must love smoking weed. However, this is a common misconception, and although its use is fairly common across the country, the idea that Dutch residents spend all of their time sitting together in a coffee shop is far from reality! 

Given the country’s liberal views, it is no surprise that a recent survey found that 70% of residents supported moves to loosen restrictions on cannabis cultivation. This is in addition to 65% of Dutch citizens who are in favor of legalizing the production, sale, and consumption, while 61% who believe limiting sales in coffee shops to Netherlands residents only would have a significantly negative impact. 

With such a pro-cannabis stance, it is no surprise that many people believe that it must be a country packed with stoners. However, there have been countless studies that have revealed that Dutchies actually smoke less marijuana than their European neighbors! 

Equally, although coffee shops are now institutions across the country, establishing one is not easy, and their overall number has declined over the last decade. Although the Netherlands has a very liberal approach to cannabis, coffee shop owners do still have to adhere to a number of rules and laws, including:

  • No advertising of the products or store
  • No hard drugs to be consumed on the premises 
  • No selling products to anyone under the age of 18
  • No selling more than five grams of marijuana to a customer a day
  • Ensuring no public disturbances occur at the premises
  • No selling of alcohol 
  • The shop cannot be within 200 meters of a school

Failure to comply with these rules can see coffee shops forced to close for up to six months, while repeat violations can see permanent closure. 

A brief history of cannabis usage in the Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is now synonymous with marijuana, it has not always been the case. The modern-day popularity first begins back in the 1920s, when the cannabis plant was considered legal, until 1928, when an amendment to the Opium Act made the import and export of cannabis illegal. 

Despite this change, enforcement remained low until the 1960s when possessing, manufacturing, or selling the drug came under strict and repressive enforcement. This did not last for long, though, and by the 1970s, the country began implementing a more tolerant approach to soft drugs. 

The first marijuana coffee shop, The Bulldog, opened in Amsterdam in 1975, and just 12 months later, the Opium Act was amended to ensure more tolerance towards cannabis consumption. This led to a flurry of similar stores opening up throughout the 1980s and 90s until the AHOJ-G criteria of rules that are followed today were implemented in 1994. This led to the numbers reducing slightly; however, there are still thousands of coffee shops across the country.

Four myths about cannabis usage in the Netherlands 

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the country to enjoy the coffee shops, but the idea that all Dutch residents are stoners is not the only misconception. Here are four other common myths around the use of cannabis in the Netherlands:

  • It is legal

When it comes to cannabis in the Netherlands, many people think it is legal; however, this is not the case. Weed is only decriminalized, which means that police do have the power to confiscate your cannabis. Typically, you will only be stopped and searched if you do something wrong, and smoking and consuming marijuana is OK, and growing no more than five plants will also not result in prosecution. 

  • Indoor growing was invented by the Dutch

Although many Dutch growers have helped to develop pioneering indoor cultivation techniques, they did not invent the concept. That particular award goes to American growers, who were forced to find methods of growing indoors to hide from the DEA during the 80s. 

  • Every town has a coffee shop

Another very common misconception is that every town and region in the Netherlands has a coffee shop. This is not true, and of the 403 municipalities within the country, only 103 feature coffee shops, and it is Amsterdam that boasts the vast majority. 

  • You can smoke in public

Although this might have been the case in the 70s and 80s, smoking on the terraces of a bar or café will see you asked to put it out. Places like Amsterdam also have certain areas where smokers can be fined. 

How old do you need to be to smoke?

In order to be able to smoke or visit a coffee shop in the Netherlands, then customers need to be at least 18 years old. This is the age when you are legally considered an adult in the country, and if you look younger, then you will be asked to show ID before being able to enter or purchase any weed. 

Like it is around the world, the use of cannabis is most popular in the younger generations, and research has shown that it is the 20-29 age bracket that is most regularly smoking. 


Misconceptions of living in a legalized society

In the same way that people hold the belief that all Dutch people must be stoners, there are many misconceptions about living in a society where marijuana is legalized. Firstly, many believe that legalizing it will lead to more people smoking it, particularly in younger people, but this has been shown to not be the case.

Another common misconception is that legalizing marijuana leads to an increase in crime. Naturally, adopting a recreational approach to the use of the plant actually sees a decrease in the number of drug-related arrests, but unlike popular belief, it does not lead to a rise in violent or theft crime. 

Legalizing marijuana does not lead to a rise in the use of harder substances either. Many people mistakenly see weed as a gateway drug, but with nearly four decades of legalization in the Netherlands, this is proven to not be the case. 

Final thoughts

Here at Eurocones, our mission is to help 420 enthusiasts enjoy the very best smoking experience possible. We are a young and innovative company that aims to bring a fresh way of thinking to the industry through our passionate and multi-cultural team. 

We promise to provide the very best pre-rolled cones and accessories possible, with all of our cones carefully constructed from 100% vegan materials, ensuring users can enjoy a truly first-class smoking experience. 

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Why do we turn to cannabis as a prescription drug substitute?

Cannabis might have once been the plight of governments across the globe or seen as the drug of choice for hippies, but in reality, the plant has been used for millennia for medicinal and recreational use.      For over six thousand years, the human race has utilized the marijuana plant, and while for the past century it has mostly been used for recreational purposes, the plant has long been used for medical reasons. 


A brief history of medicinal cannabis 

Archaeologists have found that the use of medicinal cannabis dates back around 6,000 years when early communities used the seeds that develop within the pollinated flowers as a source of nutrition. Although exactly when the plant swapped from being a nutritional part of these early humans diet to a medicinal use is unknown. However, it likely would not have taken long for them to discover that the plant had additional benefits. 

One of the earliest uses of the marijuana plant for medicinal uses dates back to the Emperor Shen-Nung era, where it was used to treat hundreds of ailments, including gout, malaria, and rheumatism. It was not just in China where cannabis was being used.      Early Europeans would burn the plant in steam baths while pollen from the plant has also been found in the pyramids of great pharaohs. 

Over the following centuries, civilizations worldwide continued to use the plant for medicinal purposes to treat a range of illnesses and ailments. The medical journal, The Canon of Medicine by Persian writer Avicenna, is one of the first studies to mention the use of cannabis to treat a vast collection of disorders. Written in 1025AD, the publications have had a lasting impact on the world of Western medicine, often regarded as the most famous medical textbook of all time. 

The use of cannabis for medicinal use continued throughout the 19th century; however, opinions on the plant slowly began changing during the 20th century. In the United States, the 1914 Harrison Act made drug use a criminal offense, while in 1937, the Marijuana Tax banned the use and sale of cannabis. This mirrored similar legislations around the world, as governments restricted or outlawed the use of the plant, following American belief that it was a dangerous drug, or a gateway to harder substances. 

While the sale and use of the plant were prohibited in many countries, medicinal research on the plant continued throughout the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. During this period, scientists identified the various chemicals that are found in the plant and how they interact with the human body. 

This research helped to change the public attitude towards the plant, by revealing the medicinal benefits it provides users. This began a slow process of countries changing their regulations to legalize marijuana use for medicinal use. 

What are the medicinal benefits of cannabis?

While many people still see cannabis as a recreational drug that makes you stoned and gives you the giggles, but this feeling of being high comes from one chemical, THC, that is found in the plant. The other major chemical, CBD, is what offers the medical benefits. 



CBD is one of the major components of the cannabis plant, making up around 40% of it, and works by impacting the body’s endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. Our bodies are made up of a range of CB1 and CB2 receptors, with CB1 primarily involved in the central nervous system and CB2 the peripheral nervous system. The CBD chemical found in cannabis then interacts with these receptors, alongside influencing non-cannabinoid receptors, which provides its many positive impacts. There can be many benefits to using the cannabis plant, although everyone reacts differently to marijuana. Some of the most common benefits, include:

Easing chronic pain

One of the most popular benefits of medicinal cannabis is its ability to help ease chronic pain. The cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant help to alter how our body perceives pain, reducing the feeling. This is most commonly used to help patients suffering from diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even frequent migraines

Reduce inflammation 

Smoking cannabis has been found to help reduce inflammation in the body, which can be incredibly beneficial for those who have Crohn’s disease as well as things such as irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Control epilepsy 

Research has shown that regular marijuana use can help to control epileptic seizures. A 2003 study from the Virginia Commonwealth University found that extracts from the plant were able to prevent seizures for up to ten hours in epileptic rats. 

Reduce the effects of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is an incredibly debilitating disease, but researchers in Israel have found that smoking marijuana not only helps to reduce pain but can also reduce the tremors typically associated with the disease. The study also showed that participants found an improvement in their overall fine motor skills. 

Decrease anxiety

Across the globe, anxiety and depression are on the rise, with the COVID-19 pandemic only causing this to rise further. Research from Harvard University has shown that cannabis usage can help to reduce anxiety and relax the user. 

Reduce nausea 

The use of medicinal marijuana has been shown to help reduce the feeling of nausea, which is particularly useful for cancer patients who might be going through chemotherapy and are struggling with the effects. 

Help to treat PTSD 

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is one of the leading reasons for people to start using medicinal marijuana. In the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services has recently approved the use of the cannabis plant to treat those who have PTSD, with the plant helping to reduce the sense of fear and anxiety.

What does the future hold?

As the benefits of medicinal cannabis continue to be discovered and utilized, more countries are relaxing their laws and legalizing its use. As research and investment in the extensive benefits of CBD continue, experts are predicting that a combination of the chemical compounds will be increasingly used for a range of therapeutic properties. While the use of marijuana has many medicinal benefits and is on the rise, it is important to remember that it is not suitable for everyone, with children, pregnant people, and the very elderly. 

Globally, the cannabis industry has never been stronger, and here at Eurocones, we believe that the future is looking bright. We are a young and innovative company based in the Netherlands, and we are committed to providing our customers with the very best cannabis solutions possible. 

We promise to provide our clients with the very best pre-rolled cones possible, allowing them to enjoy all of the benefits without the hassle of having to roll your own joints. We pride ourselves on our carefully handmade solutions, and all of our cones are 100% vegan, helping to elevate your smoking experience. 

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Eurocones pre-rolled rolling paper

How to find the best pre-rolled smoking paper

Once considered a poor alternative to rolling papers, pre-rolled cones have grown to become a very popular choice for experienced smokers over recent years. The industry is now packed with cones and pre-rolled papers for customers to purchase, but these vary in quality, so how do you find the best cones?

What are pre-rolled smoking papers?

JWare Reefer pre-rolled rolling paperAs the name suggests, pre-rolled smoking papers are smoking papers that come already rolled, which makes them incredibly convenient and quick to enjoy. They are also a great solution for smokers who either cannot roll their own joints or are unable to due to suffering illnesses such as arthritis. 

While there can be no replicating the pleasure of rolling your own joints, there are many benefits to using pre-rolled cones, and they are fast becoming a popular choice. There are many benefits to using pre-rolled cones, including:

The perfect joint every time

No matter how experienced at rolling joints you are, everyone will face the occasional paper tear, a joint that falls apart, or burns unevenly. A pre-rolled smoking paper will ensure that you can enjoy the perfect joint every time that provides a better taste and a smoother burn. 


JWare B52 size pre-rolled rolling paperPre-rolled cones are also a much quicker solution to enjoying a joint. By being pre-rolled, you can quickly fill your cones or make a large batch to enjoy over the week. This makes them a lot more efficient and can help to save significant amounts of time. 

Can be fun

Another popular benefit of using a pre-rolled smoking paper is that they can be a lot of fun. While the vast majority are created as a single joint, some providers offer novelty solutions such as jumbo cones or options which can be smoked by more than one person. 

How to find the perfect cone

The market is packed with different pre-rolled cone manufacturers, which means the quality varies drastically between brands. If you are looking for the perfect cone, then it is worth trying a few different varieties first to ensure that you are able to understand the various burn rates, flavors, and styles available. 

When looking for the perfect cone, there are a number of factors that you should consider:

The brand

JWare Kind Size pre-rolled rolling paper hempWhen looking at the many various pre-rolled smoking paper available on the market, one of the most important factors to consider is the brand that you are purchasing. There are many different companies producing pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, so do your research and take a look at various reviews available. 

The best cones on the market are from reputable brands, and buying high-quality cones is essential. Manufacturers use a range of different materials to make their cones, but the most superior smoke comes from those pre-rolled cones that are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not feature any additives. 


Another important consideration to remember when trying to find the best pre-rolled cone is the flavor that you are seeking. There is no right answer to the perfect taste, and every 420 enthusiast is different. 

Some smokers seek a natural flavor from their pre-rolled cones, while others want something a little more flavorful than can help to enhance the overall taste of the bud. When choosing the right pre-rolled cone, it is important that you choose the right flavor for your smoke, as you do not want the cone to overpower your smoke. 

Every smoker is different, so when trying to find the best pre-rolled cone for your needs, you should buy a few different flavors from several brands to give you an insight into what is available. Some smoking enthusiasts like to keep certain flavored options for special occasions rather than using them every day. 


The next step to consider when trying to find the perfect pre-rolled cone is whether you want it to include a filter or not. This again comes down to personal preference, and lots of the best on the market do not come with a filter, which is actually standard practice for marijuana smoking. 

If you do opt for a cone that comes with a filter, then you should ensure that it has a paper filter. This will help to ensure that you do not waste any weed that might all out, but you will still be able to improve the airflow, making for a cleaner burn and better flavor. 


When finding the very best pre-rolled cones on the market, you want to ensure that the paper has not had any additives used in the production. The very best manufacturers will only use completely natural materials, and this is something that you want to ensure when buying a pre-rolled cone. 

A high-quality cone should be made using organic and unrefined materials. This will ensure that they are completely safe to smoke, and there are no chemicals interacting with the flavor of your weed. Alongside confirming the papers have no additives, you should also check the ingredients used in the filter. 


Another important consideration when choosing a cone is the glue that has been used in the construction. You want to ensure that your cone has been built using a natural water-based glue rather than chemical glue such as Ethyl Vinyl Acetate as this ensures a cleaner burn and your weed will not have any unwanted flavors. 

Burn Rate

A sign of a high-quality pre-rolled cone is that it provides you with a long and slow burn. Organic cones, such as those made using rice paper, are a popular choice, and they are also able to provide you with a number of additional health benefits. 


Paper cones sizesThe final thing to consider when finding the best pre-rolled cones is the sizes that are on offer. There is a wide range of options available on the market, so the best choice for you will depend on your smoking habits. If you are not sure which is the best for you, then try a range of options until you find the perfect size for you. 

So what is the best pre-rolled cone?

The demand for pre-rolled cones has significantly increased in recent years, and there are now some fantastic and high-quality options on the market. However, there are also some lower quality cones, so when it comes to finding the best pre-rolled cone, you should conduct your research thoroughly and try various options out. 

Here at Eurocones, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with the very best pre-rolled cones possible. Our young and innovative team strive to give 420 enthusiasts the best cones on the market, and all of ours 100% vegan and made from completely natural products, ensuring you are able to enjoy the cleanest smoke possible. 

We do not just supply enthusiasts, either. Eurocones also works with many of the leading coffee shops in the Netherlands, with our filling devices designed to help them fill up to 100 cones in under three minutes! 

You can view our full range of cones here, while our growing range of weed accessories can be found here.  


A Closer Look at the Coffeeshop Culture of the Netherlands

When you hear the term coffee shop, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are, if you live anywhere in the world outside of the Netherlands, then you are picturing a café selling espressos and snacks. 


However, in the Netherlands, a coffee shop is an establishment where it is legal to sell and smoke cannabis products. Since the first shop opened in the 1970s, the country, and in particular Amsterdam, has grown to become synonymous with cannabis. The liberal views highlight the progressive approach the region has to topics that are otherwise considered unsavory elsewhere. 


A brief history of Coffee Shops in the Netherlands

During the 1960s, the hippie culture made drug use an increasingly more common occurrence around the world, and the Netherlands was certainly no different. With the use of marijuana on the rise, policymakers decided to intervene, and while some countries introduced a strict no-tolerance policy, the Netherlands introduced a more relaxed solution. 


During this period, soft drugs were being flagrantly sold across the country, and the government was fearful that these scenarios would lead users into trying harder drugs. That is why they implemented new laws that were designed to allow people to smoke cannabis in a safe and controlled environment, removing the possibility of patrons coming into contact with hard drugs. 


As legislation relaxed during the late 1970s and 1980s, it saw a rapid rise in the opening of coffee shops, and an entire industry was established. However, while the country is known for its liberal approach, coffee shops still have to adhere to a number of rules:

  1. Coffee shops much not advertise the sale of cannabis or drugs. 
  2. No hard drugs to be on the premises
  3. No more than 500g of stock to be kept on site
  4. No minors allowed on site
  5. Customers can not purchase more than 5g a day
  6. Customers must not cause any public disturbances 


Alongside these rules, coffee shops must also not sell any alcohol and cannot be within 250m of a school. Failure to adhere to these rules can see the shops being temporarily closed for up to six months or, in the case of major breaches, closed permanently. 

Three most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is arguably the most famous place in the Netherlands for coffee shops, and thousands of people visit the city every year to visit the legendary stores and take in the sights. Coffee shops can be found all over the city, but a large majority are located within the De Wallen district. 

There are dozens of great shops to choose from, but three of the most popular based on the review and how well know these Coffeshops amongst locals and tourists,  include:

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Harlemmestraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam
  0031 0204276739
 Sun – Thurs : 10am – 1 am, Fri – Sat : 10 am – 2 am

Formally known as Dampkring 2, Coffeeshop Amsterdam is popular for residents and visitors alike, thanks to its friendly atmosphere and great music. The shop also has a wide and diverse menu to choose from, giving guests the ability to sample various strains to suit every taste. 

Famed for providing high-quality products, their cakes are one of the star attractions and a must-buy for visitors. 

Photo was taken from

De Dampkring 

Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM Amsterdam
 0031 20 6380705
 Daily 10am – 1am



The original Danmpkring store is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic coffee shops and is the venue of choice for visiting celebrities. Film fans will also recognize the shop from the Hollywood blockbuster Oceans 12. 

The shop has an extensive menu to choose from, featuring a wide range of strains, while the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. With some great music and an incredibly relaxed vibe, it is a great spot to spend a few hours unwinding. There’s even a house cat lounging around to give it that true living room feel. 

The Bulldog

The Bulldog Palace, Leidseplein 15, 1017 PS Amsterdam
 0031 20 625 9864
 Thu: 10am – 1am | Fri & Sat: 10am – 3am | Sun: 10am – 2am

When people think of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, Bulldog is often the first shop that comes to mind. One of the first to open in the city, it has branched out to feature several stores around the town, but it is the original shop, located near the Red Light District that is most popular. 

Spread over two floors, it provides visitors with a vibrant atmosphere, and despite its popularity, it still features fair prices and high-quality products. The shop also has a great food menu if you are looking for something to eat while smoking. 

Popular Cofeeshops in Amsterdam

Three most popular coffee shops in Utrecht

Although Amsterdam is renowned for its coffee shops, various cities around the country feature stores, and Utrecht has some of the best in the Netherlands. 

Culture Boat

Wittevrouwensingel 206, 3572 CE, Utrecht
 Daily 12pm – 8 pm

Culture Boat is a unique coffee shop as in fact, as the name suggests, it is situated on a boat! With plenty of tables and chairs, a great Moroccan theme, it is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. 

The beautiful surroundings, coupled with friendly and knowledgeable staff, ensures Culture Boat is a must-visit location for 420 enthusiasts. 

De Vipshop

1e Daalsedijk 294, 3513 TL, Utrecht
Daily 12pm – 8 pm

The cozy atmosphere of De Vipshop makes it one of the most popular destinations for locals, and the store caters primarily to locals, although tourists are, of course, welcome. With a Caribbean décor, it makes for a great spot to while away an afternoon. 

Although small, the store does not feel packed, and it is a great location to start a conversation with strangers. 

‘t Grasje

Oberchstraat 1, 3572 EA, Utrecht
 Daily 2pm – 8 pm, Sunday and Monday Closed

With one of the most extensive choices of weed in Utrecht, experienced smokers and newcomers will always be able to find the right joint at ‘t Grasje. With incredibly friendly staff and a warm and welcoming environment, it is one of the most popular coffee shops in the city.

Popular Cofeeshops in Amsterdam

Three most popular coffee shops in Groningen

With a younger population, Groningen is a lively and vibrant city, and there are some fantastic coffee shops for visitors to sample. 


Papengang 3, 9711 PA, Groningen
 Mon-Wed : 11am-12am; Thu : 11am – 01 am; Fri-Sat : 12pm – 3 am; Sun : 3pm – 12am



Dees is the biggest shop in the city and is packed with amenities. Alongside a huge choice for customers to choose from, the shop also has a big outdoor area as well as games such as pool, darts and table football. 

Situated over two floors, it’s a very popular attraction, but it focuses on providing visitors with an affordable and high-quality product range. 

De Vliegende Hollander

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 63, 9711 HC, Grongingen
 Daily 10am – 12am



The oldest coffee shop in the city, it has been serving customers since 1983 and is popular for locals and visitors alike. The shop has made headlines numerous times (most notably for sending the King a package of joints for his 18th birthday!) and offers a wide choice of products to choose from. 

Regulars will also recommend that visitors sample the cakes and brownies, which are amongst the best in the city. 


Oude Boteringestraat 53, 9712 GE, Gronignen
 Daily 11 am – 12 am; Sun 12pm-12am

A very small coffee shop, Metamorphose features modern furniture alongside a host of great games, tasty coffee, and a wide selection of snacks. Being based near the university, it has a young crowd and has become somewhat of an icon in recent years with branded t-shirts and merchandise available. 

Popular Cofeeshops in Amsterdam

Supplying the best coffee shops

At Eurocones, we focus on providing coffee shops across the Netherlands with high-quality pre-rolled cones. Our mission is to bring 420 enthusiasts together, while our young and passionate team are here to help shop owners reduce the time and costs involved in making their joints. 

With a wide range of products on sale, we offer cones in all sizes while we also have two commercial filling devices to choose from. The Fill Block will let coffee shops fill 34 cones in one go while the Knockbox 100 will fill a hundred cones in less than three minutes! 

Want to find out more? Get in touch today and find out how we can help you. 

Smoking during the coronavirus pandemic: Who’s making your pre-rolled cones?

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of us. Around the world, people are having to adapt to the new normal, and social distancing and additional hygiene measures are becoming second nature. 

When it comes to smoking cannabis, pre-rolled cones are fast becoming a popular choice for experienced and new smokers alike. Traditionally, when rolling a joint yourself at home, it will involve rolling the papers by hand, before licking it to seal it shut. However, in the current situation, many smokers are wondering how their pre-rolled cones are made, and if they are safe to smoke. 

This is a particularly relevant issue, especially after 3,000 pre-rolled joints had to be recalled in America in August due to them being manually sealed by employees during construction. If you smoke pre-rolled cones, or are wondering how they are made, we have taken a closer look… 

JWare B52 paper cones whiteHow are pre-rolled joints made?

In recent years, the use of pre-rolled joints has increased, and there can be no denying their popularity amongst seasoned smokers and newcomers alike. If you are out of practice, or new to smoking, then rolling a joint can be difficult, while those suffering from arthritis or forms of chronic hand pain are often unable to build their own joints either. 

Pre-rolled joints are a great alternative for those unable to roll their own, providing a fast and simple solution. Although they originally had a reputation as being a lower quality product, they are now a very high-quality alternative to rolling papers, but how are they made?

There is no one right answer, and there are many different methods of making pre-rolled cones. Some people will roll a large batch of their own in one go, allowing them to quickly use them while on the go, whereas many companies are able to mass-produce cones which are then sold in various cafes and dispensaries. 

Pre-rolled cones differ between companies, depending on two key factors:

  • Grade of paper

Pre-rolled papers are available in a wide range of paper grades and sizes. Customers can also usually choose from a range of filters.

The papers are usually available in a range of quality, with the cheaper pre-rolled cones usually featuring lower quality paper. 

  • Shape and size

Although they can be created in almost an unlimited range of shapes and sizes, typically pre-rolled joints come in a uniform cone shape. This ensures that customers are able to enjoy the same joint every time they purchase the product, helping to create a clear brand identity and marker of quality.

But how are the cones closed and stuck together? In the post-coronavirus world, this is one of the most frequent questions that smokers are asking. In the past, it was common for coffee shop staff to make a large batch of joints every day or week, which would typically be rolled by hand and sold to customers. 

This way would see the worker seal the joint manually. Although this was not normally seen as a problem, as technology and machinery approved, this fell out of fashion, and now most retailers in Europe use an edible glue to secure the paper together. This means that there is almost no risk of transmitting coronavirus through the production of pre-rolled cones. 

Many customers wonder if the glue is safe for use, and this is one of the most important aspects of pre-rolled cones. It is essential that the right amount of adhesive is used for the dimension of the cone. Too little glue, and the paper will not stick together and can become loose at the end, whereas too much glue will stain the paper and potentially affect how it burns. 

Of course, it is not just the cones themselves that need to be coronavirus safe. The entire production has had to significantly change as businesses adapt to the new measures, with staff having to utilize additional equipment such as gloves and masks. At the same time, tools will also need to be regularly sanitized. This is to ensure that consumers can have complete peace of mind that their cones are safe and secure. 

How do coffee shops fill pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled cones are highly efficient and can not only save significant time, but they also ensure that each joint is the same quality and standard. When it comes to filling these cones, there are a number of different methods that can be utilized.

Traditionally, they can be filled by hand. To do this, the cone needs to first be placed onto a flat surface, such as a rolling tray.

From there, the handler can scoop or fill the cone with their fingers or utilizing a tool known as a loader. This can be a time-consuming process, and in the post-coronavirus world, some customers are uncomfortable with their joints being handled by hands. 

That is why filling devices are becoming increasingly popular. They are able to quickly and efficiently fill multiple cones in one go while also adhering to COVID-19 hygiene measures. 

How we can help 

Here at Eurocones, we understand the importance of ensuring your business is COVID-19 secure. As a young and innovative company, our passionate team is here to bring people together and provide unique solutions to 420 enthusiasts. 

We focus on providing the very best quality products possible. All of our pre-rolled cones are 100% vegan and are carefully handmade following strict coronavirus protocols, ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind that their products are safe to enjoy. Our cones are available in a wide range of sizes, including King, Reefer, and Party, and we have always used edible glue to seal our cones. 

Of course, we do not just provide pre-rolled cones for consumers. We also provide a range of commercial filling devices for coffee shops to quickly fill multiple cones. Our unique Fill Block device will let you quickly fill up to 34 cones in one go. Simply add the cones to the device, and fill it with your favorite strain of cannabis. 

Knockbox cone filling device set

We also provide an even larger filling device, with our Knockbox 100 machine capable of saving coffee shops hours of work by filling 100 cones in under three minutes. This ensures your business can follow strict COVID-19 measures and provide your customers are able to enjoy the very best quality joints possible. 

Our team has been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic, following strict social distancing measures to ensure our customers and staff are safe. Want to find out how we can help your business? Get in touch today! 

Cannabis Usage in the Netherlands: Everything You Need To Know

When you think of the Netherlands, what is the first thing that you think of? Chances are, cannabis is one of the first things that comes to mind. Thanks to the prominence of places such as the Amsterdam coffee shops in popular culture, the country is regularly seen as a very popular destination for marijuana enthusiasts. 

However, did you know that cannabis is still technically illegal? Thankfully, it has been decriminalised for personal usage in designated areas, and current estimates suggest there are 570 coffee shops operating across the country. So whilst you cannot smoke cannabis on public streets, utilising any of the coffee shops is fine. 

A short history of cannabis in the Netherlands

History shows that cannabis was widely smoked across the country in the 17th century, when locals would mix marijuana and tobacco together to smoke in their pipes. Usage remained very popular until it was banned by the government and various religious organisations. 

The modern history of marijuana begins back in the 1970s, when the Netherlands started to adopt a more tolerant approach to soft drug use. It was during this time the infamous coffee shops began to open, with Amsterdam’s first shop, The Bulldog, opening in 1975. 

Since then, the country has continued its lenient approach to softer drugs, giving rise to the many coffee shops found across the region today.

Cannabis and the law

Although you are not legally allowed to smoke cannabis in public, if caught in city centres, the police will often issue a warning for the first offence and confiscate any amount over five grams. Selling cannabis, however, is enforced far more strictly, and you will be more likely to be prosecuted if caught. 

This law only applies to private sellers, and coffee shops are allowed to sell to customers as long as they follow a strict set of rules, which include:

  • Selling no more than five grams of cannabis per person, per day
  • Not selling marijuana to anyone underage
  • No minors allowed to enter the shop
  • No alcohol to be sold 
  • Keeping stock levels below 500 grams
  • Restricting access and sales to people who live outside the Netherlands

Some of these laws are enforced more strictly than others. For example, selling to a minor will see their licence revoked immediately, whereas selling to non-residents is often tolerated. 

The laws around growing cannabis are also less enforced. While cultivation is illegal, growing a few plants at home is decriminalized, and if caught with less than five plants, they will likely just be confiscated without prosecution. Personal usage is the key term here, and regardless of the number of plants, if police find signs that the grower is cultivating cannabis for commercial reasons, then they will be prosecuted and could face community service or even imprisonment. 

It is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds across the Netherlands, and they are also able to be legally sent into the country via the national postal service. The use of CBD is also decriminalised for personal use. 

What about medicinal cannabis?

It is probably no surprise that The Netherlands was amongst the first countries worldwide to legalise medicinal cannabis. The process began in 1999 when the then Health Minister Els Borst began to advocate for its use before production and prescription use began in 2001. 


How to buy cannabis in the Netherlands

When it comes to buying marijuana in the Netherlands, coffee shops remain the most popular place for tourists and residents. Although only small quantities are allowed to be sold per person per day, locals of all ages tend to stop by for a daily smoke. 

Many coffee shops sell pre-rolled joints, but vaporisers and bongs are also available. Rules within each shop are strictly enforced, which means no hard drugs can be sold, no normal cigarettes or alcohol to be consumed indoors, and all visitors must be able to produce an ID when asked to prove they are over the age of 18. 

Each shop will usually provide customers with a wide variety of marijuana to choose from, and the expert staff will be happy to discuss options with visitors. There will also be a wide choice of quality and price, ensuring there is something for every budget and customer. 

If smoking is not something that you fancy, then the Netherlands also allows the sale and consumption of cannabis edibles and concentrates such as space cakes and brownies. 

Coffee shops are the leading way to purchase cannabis products, not only thanks to the ease of use but also for the high-quality marijuana consumers can enjoy. However, whilst illegal, for residents, it is possible to grow your own plants for personal use, and growshops have become a popular choice since the 1980s. These shops are allowed to sell all of the equipment to grow cannabis, but they are not allowed to cultivate or grow the plant themselves.

Top tips for buying from a coffee shop 

If you are heading into a coffee shop for the first time, it can be a little daunting, but here are some top tips for first-timers:

  • Bring your ID:

You will need to prove to shop owners you are over the age of 18

  • Consult the menu

Don’t rush in and buy the first joint you spot. Browse through the menu and chat with the staff, they will be able to help you find the right product for you. You should also talk to the staff about the right strain, the last thing you want is to order a product that is too strong for you. 

  • Buy pre-rolled

If you are not used to smoking joints, then opt for a pre-rolled option as these will likely contain a mix of tobacco and marijuana, or fill those cones directly by yourself at home.

  • Double-check your product

The Netherlands is renowned for its high-quality product, but occasionally bad product can find its way through. To check yours is fresh, look for well-trimmed buds, a strong aroma and good moisture content. 

  • Stay away from the tourist traps

Thousands of tourists flock to the Netherlands every year, which has led to some shops opening up to meet the demand, resulting in low quality but high prices. Speaking with some locals will help you find the shops that they visit, which can lead you to a much better product! 

  • Ask before lighting

Although most shops will let you light up inside, some will not allow any smoking on-site, so before you light your joint, double-check it is OK to smoke there. 

Final thoughts

The Netherlands and cannabis have long been entwined, and here at Eurocones, we are passionate about providing 420 enthusiasts with the very highest quality cones possible. Our innovative solutions have been designed to transform the smoking experience by improving the ease and convenience, helping to save time and money through our pre-rolled cones. 

We are not only here for the enthusiasts though, Eurocones also provides a host of innovative solutions for dispensaries and retailers. Our filling machines are able to fill up to 300 cones in just a matter of minutes, saving businesses countless hours of having to roll joints themselves. 

So whatever you are thinking, if you are seeking pre-rolled cones, or you want to discover the benefits of our filling machines, check out the full range here

JWare King Size pre-rolled rolling paper

Pre-rolled or roll your own? What is the best solution?

Ask anyone who regularly smokes what they prefer, pre-rolled cones, or rolling papers, and you will likely hear plenty of different reasons why they prefer one over the other. Pre-rolled cones are a popular choice thanks to their ease of use, often being the preferred option for beginners, however many purists love the old school style of rolling their own… so which is the best solution?

When it comes to choosing between the two, it is primarily down to personal choice. However, to help you make your decision, we thought we would take a closer look at both options…

What’s the difference?

Before you can decide which to use, it is important to understand the differences between using a pre-rolled cone and rolling a joint yourself.

Pre-rolled Cone

A pre-rolled cone is exactly as it sounds. It allows users to enjoy their smoking experience almost immediately by purchasing a product that is ready-made and can be smoked without any preparation.

This makes them incredibly accessible for those who cannot roll their own papers or do not have the time to go through the rolling process every time they want a smoke. They are also a beneficial product for those suffering from an illness like arthritis and who might not be physically capable of rolling their own.

Pre-rolled cones also help to provide a more even burn when compared to hand-rolled options, helping to give a cleaner and more pleasant smoking experience. Many pre-rolled cone retailers, such as Eurocones, provide customers with a wide choice of style to choose from too, with multiple sizes readily available alongside cones made from different materials.

Rolling papers

Rolling papers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to let you roll your own joints and are typically made from a range of materials with hemp, wood pulp, and rice straw amongst the most popular. For many users, they like the traditional aspects of rolling their own joints, and the process of doing so can actually be as therapeutic as the process of smoking it.

Not only do rolling papers offer a more old-school method of smoking, but it can also be a cheaper solution, as well as giving the user complete control over customisation. By using rolling papers, users can easily decide the strength and quality of their joint.

What are the pros and cons?

Whichever option you choose, you always want to ensure that you are able to enjoy the very best smoke possible. Both options have their benefits when compared to the other, and it is important to remember that every smoker will have their own preferred method. We thought we would take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of pre-rolled cones and rolling papers.

Pre-rolled Cones – the pros

  • Great for beginners

One of the most useful benefits of pre-rolled cones is just how convenient they are. Users do not need to spend time rolling their own joint and instead can simply light up and smoke whenever they want. This is particularly useful for beginners who might not know how to correctly roll their own, or for those regular smokers who are just not able to roll consistent joints. With a pre-rolled cone, you are always guaranteed the perfect smoke.

  • More efficient

Thanks to them being ready-made, they are a much more efficient solution, and you can quickly create your daily or weekly supply in a matter of minutes compared to having to roll each one individually.

  • Can be more fun

Although the vast majority of pre-rolled cones are designed as a single joint, it is also possible to purchase a novelty, fun option. There are lots of different sizes out there, such as jumbo 12” cones or ones designed to smoke with friends.

Pre-rolled Cones – the cons

  • Predetermined

If you like to personalise your smoking experience, then pre-rolled cones are not the best choice for you. They are designed to offer the user the same shape and size every time, which means you can’t change to suit your style.

  • Easily damaged

Unlike rolling papers, which are flat and secured in their package, pre-rolled cones can be easily damaged if not kept in a protective tube. This means that you could go to smoke your joint only to find it has been crushed or destroyed in your bag or pocket if it has not been stored properly.

Rolling papers – the pros

  • Cost-effective

For rolling papers, one of the most significant benefits that users will always state is that they are more cost-effective. Because the user is having to do all of the work, rolling papers are very cheap – although the wastage can be high if you are not experienced at rolling.

  • Easy to find

Rolling papers are also very easy to find, available in almost every convenience store you walk past. This means that no matter where you are, if you are in need of some papers, you will be able to find some quickly.

  • Customisable

Unlike pre-rolled cones that are uniform in shape and size, rolling papers provide the user with a fully customisable solution. This means that they can determine the length, width and strength of each roll. Rolling your own also lets you decide the paper that you use, helping you to determine the burn rate of the joint.

Rolling papers – the cons

  • Can be difficult to roll

This is the biggest negative for rolling papers, with them requiring a real skill to roll the perfect joint every single time. This does not make them very user friendly, and it often requires a lot of trial and error before they are able to roll a good enough joint to enjoy every single time.

  • Time-consuming

Although some of the most experienced rollers will be able to put together a joint in a matter of minutes, it is a time-consuming process for the vast majority of smokers. Rolling a proper joint is a slow movement, and if you are planning to roll several in one sitting, you might be there for a few hours!

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing between pre-rolled cones and rolling papers. However, for many people, the ease, convenience, and time-saving benefits that using pre-rolled cones offer makes them a popular choice.

Here at Eurocones, we are passionate about bringing the very highest quality pre-rolled cones to all 420 enthusiasts. We believe in offering innovative solutions to the market, which is why we offer users 100% vegan, pre-rolled cones that have been designed to help elevate the smoking experience. Our pre-rolled cones are available in a range of sizes, starting from 98mm all the way up to 280mm, ensuring that you will always be able to find the perfect joint for your needs.

Alongside providing our customers with the very best quality cones, we also strive to help dispensaries and retailers. Our unique filling machines are amongst the best on the market and help these businesses to fill up to 300 cones in a matter of minutes, saving them countless hours of production.

Are you thinking of trying some pre-rolled cones? Check out our full range here

Eurocones Blog

Medicinal Cannabis: Myths and Truths

Medicinal cannabis is on the rise across the globe and slowly countries are beginning to update laws and legislations that surround the drug. However, with decades of negative press surrounding the consumption of cannabis, it has meant that misunderstandings and myths around medicinal cannabis have become widespread – leaving many confused about just what the truths are.

No matter whether you are an experienced smoker or are completely new to medicinal cannabis and are simply wondering about the benefits that it offers, we have put collated some of the most common myths in circulation.

What is medicinal cannabis?

Before looking at the myths that surround it, it is important to understand exactly what medicinal cannabis is and how it is used. The cannabis plant contains over 100 different chemicals, which are referred to as cannabinoids and each one has a different effect on our bodies.

Medicinal cannabis is said to help treat various disease and conditions, with some of the most common including:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasms

These cannabinoids are similar to natural chemicals found in our body and research has shown that they can help to reduce anxiety and inflammation as well as reduce pain and relax tense muscles commonly associated with MS.

How is medicinal cannabis consumed?

There are many different ways to consume medical cannabis, with patients able to choose from inhaling it through a vaporizer, eating it, applying it to the skin via a lotion, or placing a few drops of a cannabis liquid under the tongue. For many though, the primary way of consuming it is to smoke it in a joint.

As the acceptance of cannabis grows, patients can take advantage of a huge range of pre-rolled papers and smoking cones, helping to make smoking cannabis much easier.

So what are some of the most common myths?

Myth #1: All medicinal cannabis products make you ‘high’

This is arguably one of the most common myths that surround medicinal marijuana. Medicinal cannabis features two main ingredients, THC and CBD, the former is associated with the sensation of feeling ‘high’ and the latter is associated with bodily effects.

When prescribed for medicinal reasons, the doctor will prescribe how much cannabis in a joint is required and how often you should smoke it. Sticking to these recommendations will prevent you from feeling high.

Myth #2: Cannabis is addictive

Another very common misconception that many people believe is that cannabis is addictive. However, this is not true and a recent study in America by the National Library of Medicine and National Center for Biotechnology Information found that when compared to other common drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and coffee, cannabis actually had the lowest dependency risk of them all.

Myth #3: Eating and smoking marijuana provides the same effects

Many people believe that regardless of how they ingest the drug, the effects will be the same, however, this is not true and they have considerable differences. Smoking cannabis is usually able to produce the effects far quicker, usually within 30 minutes, while eating it is much slower, taking up to two hours to start taking effect.

Smoking also sees the effects wear off within two hours whereas eating marijuana products can see it take up to eight hours for the effects to be fully negated. Many people resort to eating cannabis-based products as they are not sure about how much cannabis in a joint is required, or they are not confident in rolling a joint themselves. However, there are many pre-rolled paper products and smoking cones available on the market today to cover everyone’s requirements.

Myth #4: Smoking medicinal cannabis can damage your lungs

Although the dangerous effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes are well known, with them leading to multiple respiratory illnesses throughout the lungs, windpipe, and voice box, cannabis does not have the same effect.

Marijuana does not contain any nicotine or toxins typically found in cigarettes, which means the major chemicals responsible for respiratory damage are not present. Equally, cannabis smokers do not chain smoke like cigarette users do, meaning they are inhaling far less.

There have been countless studies conducted, such as one by the University of California San Francisco which has proven that using cannabis smoking cones is far less damaging to the human body than cigarettes are.

Myth #5: Medicinal Cannabis cures everything or provides no benefit

There are two major groups of people in the world, those who believe that smoking cannabis is a cure-all miracle and those who believe that it provides no benefits at all. The truth however, lies in the middle of these beliefs.

A quick Google search can reveal that medicinal cannabis can cure any disease you can imagine, and while this is not true it has been proven to significantly reduce symptoms such as nausea after chemotherapy, help to make intense pain from multiple sclerosis more manageable, and even reduce the number of seizures people have from epilepsy. It is important to remember though that smoking cannabis does not cure these illnesses.

Myth #6: Using medicinal cannabis will leave me tired

Despite cannabis usage become more widespread and accepted, many people have grown up with the notion that all smokers must be lazy stoners, and smoking weed leaves you lethargic and tired. This could not be further from the truth.

Medicinal cannabis comes in two distinct strains, Indica which has higher CBD and lower THC and Sativa, which has a lower CBD and higher THC count. CBD helps to relax your muscles and mind, so it is typically recommended for use in the evening as it can make you feel tired. Sativa, on the other hand, helps with chronic pain and can increase your focus and serotonin levels, meaning it is non-drowsy and is typically recommended for use throughout the day.

Myth #7: Cannabis damages brain cells

Another myth that seems to have followed cannabis around for decades is that regularly using the drug will kill your brain cells. In reality, however, this is not true and research by the University of Louisville revealed that long term use plays no role in the killing of brain cells.

Further research has supported this, going further to suggest that antioxidants found in the plant can actually encourage the growth of new brain cells!

Final thoughts…

Although governments around the world are slowly beginning to decriminalise the use of cannabis and the use of medicinal cannabis is on the rise, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the drug.

At Eurocones, we focus on providing customers with the very best pre-rolled paper and smoking cones. We also work with dispensaries and retailers, providing them with unique filling machines, such as our Knockbox 100 Filling Device, to help them save time and quickly fill cones in a matter of minutes.

The cannabis industry is on the rise and the more people become aware of the benefits of medicinal cannabis, the more these myths will be busted!