Is Using Cannabis Make A Better Sex For Woman?

There’s no lack of anecdotal testimony amongst females who prefer Cannabis believe bringing a little marijuana to the bed may provide pleasure. Manufacturers have capitalized on that promise in areas where the substance is authorized.

Increased libido and stronger orgasms are a promise of THC-infused lubricants. Moreover, many sexual and reproductive health experts have also made a living off of cannabis-induced love. However, is there anything to the media frenzy? Here in this article, you will know everything.

Does Cannabis Make Sex Life Better—According to Research?

Marijuana has been outlawed for over a century. Therefore there hasn’t been much significant research on its benefits.

Nevertheless, this is gradually changing. In recent years, a snowballing number of studies have been published that shine a light on how this fantastic plant influences physical and mental health.

While the research on Cannabis and sex life is relatively new, there are some promising results from the preliminary studies.

A Large Scale study to Advocate Marijuana for Sex Drive

Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an urologist at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, headed a group of investigators who concluded that regular cannabis use might increase sexual drive.

The study results were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The lead contributor was Dr. Andrew Sun, a urology resident.

Drs. Eisenberg and Sun used statistics from the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) to explain marijuana’s effect on sexual activity best.

The NSFG is a sizable inquiry performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on reproduction, childbirth, family life, relationship, relationship breakdown, and women’s wellbeing.

The NSFG provides information on the general demographic of the United States and contains queries about sexual activity and cannabis consumption.

In particular, 28,176 heterosexual women and 22,943 heterosexual males were questioned about how often they had intercourse in the preceding four weeks and how often they smoked Cannabis in the past year.

Respondents were within the ages of 25 to 45, with a mean range of 29.9 years for women and 29.5 years for males. The study analyzed data from the NSFG, collected since 2002.

The scientists considered potential influencing variables, including using other substances like cocaine and alcohol.

In total, 24.5 percent of males and 14.5 percent of women participated in the survey and affirmed to use Cannabis last year.

The investigators discovered a link between the frequency with which participants used Cannabis and how they had intercourse. Individuals who consumed Cannabis experienced 20% more sex than others who did not, which was true for both men and women.

Females who had not used Cannabis in the previous year experienced sex six times on aggregate in the last four weeks, compared to 7.1 times for cannabis smokers.

Guys who did not use Cannabis had sex 5.6 times in the previous four weeks, compared to 6.9 times for guys who have used Cannabis every day.

Dr. Eisenberg notes that this research does not correlate considering these essential links. “It doesn’t suggest you’ll enjoy much more intercourse if you use more Cannabis.

According to Dr. Eisenberg, The general conclusion from this study is evident that Regular marijuana usage appears not to affect sexual drive or ability. However, if anything, it’s linked to increasing sexual recurrence.

University of Almeria Study

Another little investigation conducted by experts at the University of Almeria in Spain, there is some proof to support the statements that Cannabis can increase arousal, intimacy, and orgasm.

Scientists surveyed 274 Spanish folks aged 18 to 30. They discovered that individuals who devoured marijuana before physical contact flagged more satisfying interactions than others who refrained from Cannabis or combined Cannabis and alcohol.

The investigators at the University of Almeria recruited 89 male and 185 female participants who were using Cannabis, wine, or none for the research. The study disregarded individuals who took other medicines or had underlying illnesses like anxiety or diabetes.

They examined 274 subjects regarding their age, gender preference, educational qualifications, marijuana and alcohol use, and sex drive.

Male and female individuals who consumed marijuana regularly were more apt to exhibit more fantastic sexual performance than others who did not.

When the scientists looked at a sexual function in terms of sexual attraction, physical, sexual excitement, and orgasms, they discovered that cannabis users had stronger sexual desire and more incredible orgasms. Although not more significant than non-users.

The research was not without flaws. Because the research was tiny, the findings can’t be applied to everyone and “should be regarded with caution,” according to the study’s authors.

Furthermore, because the investigators depended on individuals’ self-reported poll answers, likely, their answers didn’t accurately reflect their experiences, biasing the findings.

The study was also brief, and the scientists stated that they would like to explore how marijuana use impacts young folk’s sexual lives for a prolonged time.

Other Small Scale Studies

It’s not the only research to imply that Cannabis can help with sex drive. According to one study, Cannabis before sex also assist some queer males to feel less nervous and much more psychologically engaged in intercourse.

Another study also says marijuana can improve a woman’s orgasmic satisfaction. Cannabis users who frequently consume Cannabis have more and better intercourse than their non-cannabis user peers, according to a 2017 report.

Jordan Tishler Remarks

In an interview, Dr. Jordan Tishler, an internal medicine expert and the head of the Association of Cannabis Specialists, said that his patients frequently inquire about how they may integrate marijuana into their sexual lives. Before beginning therapy, many people mention problems with libido and pleasure, soreness on intrusion, nervousness and PTSD, and trouble reaching orgasm.

According to him, Cannabis smokers have higher levels of arousal and pleasure than non-users

Although these investigations are small and unclear, they may provide hope to those who suffer from sexual problems.

How Does Cannabis Works to Make for Better Sex in Women?

Cannabis influences various biological activities in the system. It accomplishes it by engaging with the endocannabinoid system of the body. The endocannabinoid system comprises a method of receptor molecules and substances known as endocannabinoids.

These sensors and chemicals work synergistically to elicit a range of reactions and keep the body homeostasis. In simple words, you can consider the receptors and endocannabinoids as lock and key since they unlock several bodily functions.

Anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) are two of the most well-known endocannabinoids in your body. Many other substances in the body, such as neurons and hormones, are influenced by these compounds.

Serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that impact emotions of euphoria, can boost sexual pleasure. They are produced by the brain and peripheral systems that contain a high number of cannabinoid receptors.

Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are involved in reproduction and sexual desire. Researchers have also discovered a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the organs that produce these sex hormones.

Hormones, notably testosterone, estrogen, and progestin, play a role in physical intimacy and fertility. According to scientists, the glands that create such sex hormones also contain a high density of cannabinoid receptors.

The adrenal glands, which create male hormones such as testosterone, and the ovaries, which produce estrogen and progesterone, are among these systems. Endocannabinoids like AEA and 2-AG, for example, have a double influence on people’s sexual drive.

Cannabis cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), perform similarly. Because their compounds resemble the endogenous endocannabinoids in form, they activate the same receptor.

Cannabis’ capacity to connect to the endocannabinoid system is why it offers so many therapeutic and enjoyable characteristics.

THC, in particular, has been discovered to have a significant impact on hormone activity by scientists. It also affects the brain’s levels of neurotransmitters.

So, Do Cannabis Improve Individual’s Sex Life?

According to the current study, Cannabis may increase a woman’s sexual experience only in modest quantities. Nevertheless, consuming large amounts and sleeping could be the only sexual appeal exercise.

Taking Cannabis to improve sexual pleasure may also be dependent on the variety you select. Sativa plants, on the whole, are more stimulating than Indica strains, which are much more intoxicating.

Sativas may also suit you best if you indulge in actions that need energy and concentration due to this variation in consequences. It is worth noting that the two most sought-after strain for the sexual function is  Sour Diesel and Green Crack. Both of these strains, according to users, can keep people up all night.

What Cannabis Products to Take for Better Sex?

However, Cannabis houses THC and CBD abundantly. Many people prefer to consume CBD for various reasons.

  •  If a person is in agony during intercourse, it may alleviate.
  • CBD has anti-anxiety qualities, which means it can help calm tensions and produce calmness before sexual intercourse.
  • CBD may be a nice compromise for those who wish to use marijuana to improve sex without becoming high.

People can get these advantages by consuming CBD oil the old-fashioned way, putting a drop or two under their tongue. Another possibility is CBD-infused lubricant. These substances are harmless to use during sex and may improve the quality of the session.

There are several other ways to consume Cannabis, from edibles and vape pens to lubes choices are endless.

CBD and traces of THC products are in certain items designed to boost your sexual experience. These are lotions, ointments, or lubricants that use CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

A range of CBD-based lube is designed to reduce irritation and enhance mobility. These products might also improve sexual performance and pleasure in women suffering from endometrial conditions, along with other kinds of lingering pelvic pain.

Other topical CBD products are also targeted for women who experience pain during intercourse. Because some women find that the THC in marijuana seems to cause vaginal dryness, CBD-based lubes could also be a way to counteract that side effect.

A further CBD transdermal treatment is designed for females who suffer pain during sexual activity. CBD-based lubes can be a method to combat the negative effect of THC in Cannabis, which some females experience as sexual dysfunction.

Apart from the external feeling cannabis effect, you can also consume Cannabis to experience power for intercourse. You can go for smoking cannabis as it will give you instant results since it enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs.

Alternatively, if you opt for edible, it will delay the onset of the cannabis effect as it will digest first to enter the bloodstream.

Moreover, many experts prefer smoking or vaping cannabis buds for first-time users because it minimizes the chances of overdosing due to your naiveness. Dosing Cannabis in edibles is quite tricky, so that you can have a chance of lasting or unpleasant effects.

And suppose you look to go for smoking cannabis. In that case, we recommend going with only high-quality smoking products to minimize the chance of consuming harmful chemicals. At eurocones, you can get several Cannabis smoking tools that you can find handy for the first time smoking Cannabis.

Are There Any Side Effects of Cannabis?

Despite high doses, CBD is well absorbed. Any CBD-related adverse effects, according to research, are most probably the consequence of drug-to-drug conflicts with CBD and other medicines you may be using.

Moreover, CBD is also well-tolerated as they only have side effects like:

  • Appetite shifts
  • fatigue and tiredness
  • weight loss
  • diarrhea

THC has several short-term adverse effects, including:

  • A faster heartbeat
  • issues with coordination
  • mouth dryness
  • red eyes
  • response times are slower
  • loss of memory
  • anxiety

It is worth mentioning that euphoric characteristics of the chemical cause these adverse effects. However, neither substance is lethal. On the other hand, high THC consumption may be linked to long-term detrimental psychological effects.

Apart from these general side effects, the increased THC amount can negatively affect your sex life. So for that, it is always best to start low and slow.

The Takeaway?

It appears that cannabinoids can boost sex drive, particularly in women. However, most of the data is anecdotal, and large-scale clinical trials have yet to be conducted.

If an individual wants to use Cannabis before intercourse, they must be careful about the amount they use. If you take far too much, it may have a detrimental impact on your sexuality. Compared to intercourse and marijuana, fewer is better, like many great matters in life.