• Eurocones warrants the Knockbox for manufacturer’s technical failures for a period of 1 year after the purchase by the client.
  • This warranty is not transferable.
  • Only Eurocones is authorized to accept returns of used devices, resellers are not entitled to do so.


  1. Customer is required to inspect the goods upon receipt from the Seller. Subsequent defects are not accepted by Eurocones.
  2. Only devices which have been returned to Eurocones and therefore are in the possession of Eurocones are eligible to enter a warranty claim procedure.
  3. Accidental and/or consequential damage is not warranted
  4. The Knockbox 100 is intended for commercial use to fill cones with dried substances such as herbs. Use with other materials will void the warranty.
  5. The warranty does not cover modifications, misuse, abuse or intentional damage.
  6. Any attempt to modify, enhance, open or repair any part of the Knockbox (including the Electro Controller) immediately voids the warranty
  7. Only devices containing original, genuine parts, which are being operated exclusively with original, genuine accessories, which are produced by the manufacturer are eligible for a warranty claim.
  8. There are no warranties that extend beyond those described here. The extent of Eurocones’ liability under this warranty is the client’s purchase price of the product.


For all claims, the following procedure needs to be followed;

  1. The client needs to submit a completely filled in claim form (provided by Eurocones) to info@eurocones.com  or directly fill in our Make A Complaint webform below.
  2. The customer needs to submit 1 video of the returned machine/controller in such a way that in that 1 video, the serial number of the device(s) is/are clearly readable, the technical failure(s) is/are clearly identifiable and for reference the person making the video should state his/her name. This video must be taken by the customer and needs to be submitted to info@eurocones.com.
  3. After receiving the claim form as well as the video, Eurocones  will inform Customer if the faulty machine/controller needs to be sent to the headquarters for further inspection (shipping costs for this will be covered by Eurocones ). All faulty machines/controllers must be kept in custody by Eurocones , for a period of 6 months after the initial date of claim (as stated on the claim form).
  4. After receiving the claim form / faulty device, Eurocones will inform the client if the claim falls under the factory warranty and therefore shall be replaced free of charge or not.