Do You Smoke Pure Or Mixed Joints?

When it comes to smoking the perfect joint, every smoker will have their own preferences. One of the main questions is whether you smoke yours with or without tobacco. Everyone will have their own opinion about whether pure or mixed joints are better, so we thought we would take a closer look at these two options….

What is a pure joint?

As the name suggests, a pure joint is one that only features cannabis. This means that the joint has no tobacco or any other kind of filler. This gives the purest cannabis experience possible, giving a truly unique taste and smell. Many smokers also find that smoking a pure joint gives them a clearer and more intense high. 

What is a mixed joint?

A mixed joint is one that features a mix of cannabis and tobacco and is often referred to as a spliff. Typically, smokers will create a joint that features a 75/25% mix or an equal 50/50% mix. Due to the tobacco inside the joint, it often gives the smoker a slightly more energetic and buzzy experience while smoking. 

Who do Europeans smoke mixed joints more frequently?

When it comes to how 420 enthusiasts prefer their joints, the use of mixed joints is far higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world. In fact, a recent study by the Global Drug Survey found that 90% of smokers in Europe would mix tobacco into their joints. This is in stark contrast to America, where just 8% of smokers mixed tobacco and cannabis together. 

The reason behind this is an extensive one and dates back to the resurgence in the popularity of cannabis in the 1960s and 1970s. Back then, Europeans were almost exclusively smoking hashish, which they would crumble into their cigarettes, unaware of the dangers that smoking tobacco caused on their health. 

In the countries of origin, such as Morocco, Lebanon, and northern India, this hashish was typically smoked in pipes or chillums. In order to make these last longer, the locals would mix in tobacco, so the Europeans were simply following these traditions. 

However, in America, when cannabis smoking kicked off, they primarily had access to the dried flower, which was far easier to roll into a joint. This led to them adopting a culture built around pure joints while those smokers in Europe grew up on mixed joints as the most common form of smoking.

However, as the health impacts of tobacco have become better known in recent years, an increasing number of European 420 enthusiasts are ditching their mixed joints and opting for purer rolls. 

What are the benefits of smoking a mixed joint?

Not only is it the most popular method of consuming cannabis in Europe, but a mixed joint also provides a wide range of benefits to smokers. These include:

Your cannabis goes further

One of the most common benefits of smoking mixed joints is that it helps your cannabis to last for a lot longer. As you will only be using a small amount of the drug in each joint, you will be able to get far more joints from the same amount compared to smoking a pure, cannabis-only joint. 

Better burn

Alongside giving you more joints to enjoy, smoking a mixed joint provides you with a far better burn. Every smoker will know the frustration of having to relight their pure joint every few seconds to keep it burning. However, smoking a mixed joint gives a far cleaner burn, with the tobacco helping to create a smooth and consistent burn that reduces the number of times you need to light it again. 


This is a bit of a subjective positive, but many people actually prefer the taste of a mixed joint. For many people, there is no better flavor than tobacco and cannabis together – but the opposite is also true for many people. The only way to know which option you prefer is to try both! 

Intensifies the effects 

Mixing in tobacco with your joint completely transforms the experience you have. Alongside having a smoother and cleaner burn, it can also help to intensify the effects of cannabis. Tobacco and nicotine impact your mood anyway, so when combined with cannabis, it creates a cloudier and less clear high, which intensifies the effect that you feel. Some smokers prefer these sensations, whereas others prefer the clearer high that comes from smoking pure joints. 

What are the benefits of smoking pure marijuana?

While there are benefits to smoking a mixed cannabis joint, a pure joint gives you a cleaner and healthier joint. There are many benefits to smoking a pure joint, including:

Purer taste

One of the biggest benefits of smoking a pure joint is that it lets you enjoy the full taste and smell of the marijuana. When you are not mixing the cannabis with any other ingredients, you are getting the full experience of the plant and are not cross contaminating the flavor with tobacco. 

Lower chance of addiction 

By not packing your joint with tobacco, you will be lowering the risk of addiction. Cannabis on its own is far less addictive than tobacco, and research has shown that those who mix their marijuana with tobacco have an increased risk of dependency

Purer high

For those 420 enthusiasts who want to enjoy the pure high of cannabis, then a joint without tobacco is the best option. When you are smoking just pure weed, your high will not be impacted by the buzz that comes from smoking, instead giving you a clear-headed high, which many people prefer instead of the more intense feeling that comes from smoking mixed joints. 

Protect your taste buds

Another major benefit of smoking a pure joint is that it helps to protect your taste buds and sense of smell. Many smokers find that they begin to lose their sense of smell and taste after smoking, with the tobacco and nicotine causing damage to the taste buds. However, smoking pure cannabis does not cause this damage, and instead, it can actually heighten the sensitivity of your taste and smell. 

Are there health benefits to smoking pure joints?

While there are many practical benefits to smoking a pure joint, and it can improve your overall experience, it can also give you a wide range of health benefits. Tobacco and nicotine are incredibly damaging to your body. 

While inhaling anything into your lungs can cause damage, cigarettes, and nicotine are some of the most harmful substances you can breathe in. By smoking mixed joints, you will be causing major harm to your body by inhaling these substances, including:

Lung damage

The biggest risk of tobacco smoking is the damage it causes to your lungs. Nine in ten deaths caused by lung cancer are related to smokers, so mixed joints help to lower this risk and can protect your lungs. 

Heart disease 

Another major risk associated with smoking tobacco is heart disease. As you inhale the chemicals in tobacco, plaque begins to build up in your blood vessels, which can cause significant damage to your heart and blood vessels. This, in turn, can lead to a range of experiences, including blood clots, angina, and heart disease. 

Fertility issues 

Smoking tobacco has also been linked to a range of fertility issues. For women, it can cause damage to your reproductive system, while for men, it has been shown that it can impact the quality of sperm and even cause erectile dysfunction. 


Tobacco use has also been directly linked to an increase in the risk of type two diabetes. Smokers have a 40% higher chance of developing the condition compared to those who do not, which means adding tobacco into your joint can increase your risk of developing diabetes. 

Poor vision 

Smoking tobacco has also been linked to a range of vision issues, including dry eyes, glaucoma, and cataracts. 

Poor oral health 

Alongside impacting your vision, tobacco consumption is also incredibly harmful to your oral health. Regularly smoking cigarettes can lead to gum disease, including swollen and tender gums, bleeding, and loose teeth. That means by adding tobacco into your joints will increase your risk of developing these conditions too. 

Poor skin and hair 

Tobacco consumption is also linked to poor skin and hair health. Regularly smoking cigarettes can result in premature aging, hair loss, and a higher risk of skin cancer. 

Are there health benefits to cannabis?

While smoking tobacco has a range of serious health issues, cannabis on its own is far more beneficial and can provide you with a wide range of benefits, including:

Pain relief 

Smoking cannabis is a very popular method of relieving the symptoms of chronic pain. The chemical compounds in the plant have been proven to help ease the pain of common symptoms such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and joint pain. 

Boost your mood 

Cannabis is also great at helping to regulate your mood and is a common way to treat depression, with the endocannabinoid compounds helping to stabilize your emotion. Marijuana also has fantastic properties in helping to reduce anxiety and relaxing you. 

Lose weight 

Cannabis has also been shown to help regulate the insulin in your body, which can aid in helping you to maintain a steady weight and even result in you losing weight. This regulation of insulin also helps to manage and even prevent the risk of diabetes. 

Are there tobacco alternatives?

If you like the taste of mixed joints, but do not want the dangers of tobacco, then there are several alternatives that you can include to enhance your smoking experience. Smokers all have their preferred options, but some of the most popular include:


Sage is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world, and sprinkling some into your next joint can help to provide you with a wide range of benefits, including helping with your digestive, reducing heartburn, and easing stomach pains. The most common types of sage to add to your joint are white sage, black sage, and pineapple sage. 


Damiana is a plant most commonly found in Southern Texas, South America, and the Caribbean.  Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, it has also been known to help with diarrhea, constipation, bladder conditions, and dyspepsia. It can also provide a slight high when burned, helping to enhance your cannabis smoking experience. 

Rubus Idaeus 

Rubus Idaeus, or Raspberry Leaf as it is commonly known, grows throughout Europe and has been used to treat help conditions such as gingivitis, diarrhea, and cold sores. Adding it into your joint can transform your experience. Its light and fluffy texture creates an incredibly smooth taste and flavor that compliments the taste of weed perfectly. 


Commonly used in the production of beers, hops are also a great addition to your next joint. Coming from the same plant family as cannabis, it offers a range of antidepressant and sedative effects, too, which helps to create a great addition to the high that comes from cannabis.  

Looking to create the perfect joint?

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