Everything You Need To Know About Jware Pre-Rolled Cones

In recent years, the rise of organic products and sustainability has been incredible. We are all now far more conscious of the impact that we are having on the environment, and the vast majority of people are now striving to reduce their carbon footprint. 

If we all take a few small steps in our daily lives, we can make a huge difference on the planet and create a better world to live in. These changes can begin with the products that we choose, and many smokers are now opting to use more eco-friendly and green rolling papers to smoke their favorite bud with. 

How the pre-rolled cone industry is adapting

While normal rolling papers do not have issues such as clogging landfills, they are produced using pulped wood. In order to create this paper, it requires the cutting down of trees, which has a major impact on the environment. 

Thankfully, as the need for a more sustainable way of living arose, countless innovative brands began to launch. Sustainable brands such as Jware, RAW and GReenGo are focused on using the most eco-friendly practices possible, reducing plastics and using eco-friendly paper and cardboard.

One of these brands is Jware pre-rolled cones. For nearly two decades, this forward-thinking brand has been re-setting the industry standard for pre-rolled cones in terms of quality and professionalism. Each cone is rolled by hand in Bali in accordance with Dutch tradition. To guarantee the highest and most superior quality of pre-rolled cones possible, Jware also focuses on sustainability, ensuring customers can enjoy some of the best products on the market today.      

Who are Jware?

Jware was created by a group of passionate smokers who had the idea of producing the very best cones on the market, each one being hand-rolled with the utmost care. The company was established by a veteran of the industry in 2001 with the aim of creating a complete solution for businesses looking for pre-rolled cones and precision filling devices. 

Eurocones hemp pre-rolled rolling paper

From the start, they began to develop the best design of pre-rolled cones, perfectly rolling them by hand in Bali, Indonesia. However, over the last two decades, they have not rested on their laurels, continuing to seek perfection through a never-ending process of development, trialing, and testing. 

This continuous development has allowed them to create a truly innovative range of pre-rolled cones. Customers now know that whenever they pick up a Jware cone, they will be able to experience that superior quality and perfection that has become synonymous with the brand. 

Each pre-rolled cone is completely customisable, and Jware offers a wide range of flexible sizes, creative solutions, and design-led products. They also focus on providing customers with the very best materials possible, working hard to create the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products on the market, using paper mills committed to reducing their greenhouse emissions by 36% and water consumption by 43%.

What makes Jware pre-rolled cones different?

Jware pre-rolled cones offer the same superior quality product that many of the leading brands on the market offer. However, the innovative company is utilizing nearly 20 years of experience to re-set the industry and create a new standard for trusted perfection. 

The Jware range is timeless, but it offers smokers a truly unique experience thanks to a range of innovative solutions, such as:

Unique sizing 

From the start, Jware knew that no two smokers were the same. That is why they strived to create a truly customizable experience, allowing smokers to choose a unique array of sizes and shapes. The Jware pre-rolled cones range starts from their small Pixie Cone, increasingly steady through the largest current option in the collection, the 166mm Party Cone. 

Each of these cones is created with the same care and precision that the brand has become famous for. From the petite cones to the large party sizes, customers know they will be able to enjoy the same flawless design and experience with every puff. To ensure that users can enjoy a truly customizable approach, Jware also creates unique solutions, with companies just needing to let them know the size and style of cone they are seeking.


Jware focuses on providing its customers with the very best products possible. That means they are incredibly selective with the products that they are choosing to use in their pre-rolled cones. The premium rolling paper is created using the finest translucent, quality-assured, and environmentally responsible paper that is sourced from sustainable forests in the heart of the Czech Republic. 

The Jware paper is available in white, unbleached, and organic hemp, and each option can come with or without a watermark. To join the paper together, the brand utilizes the highest quality food grade glue. To ensure a completely seamless pre-rolled cone, Jware also incorporates an ultra-thin glue line. 

JWare B52 size pre-rolled rolling paper

Ensuring customers are able to enjoy a genuinely superior smoking experience, Jware is committed to only using filter paper that has been approved by laboratories in the United States and Canada, helping to secure FSC certification. This filter paper is made from the highest quality sustainable white wood or natural bamboo pulp. To give that truly customized experience, customers can also choose to have their logo printed on the filter using food grade ink, offering a truly premium finish and design. 

Customers are also able to choose from a traditional spiral shape cone for their small and standard size pre-rolled cones. However, for the larger options, there is a unique zig zag shaped filter for customers to enjoy. 


Of course, while Jware prides itself on offering customers the very best products on the market, they also focus on creating the most straightforward and easy purchasing options. That is why they provide an incredibly simple process, allowing customers to choose their size and color, with everything being delivered in one box.

How are sustainable pre-rolled cones made?

While Jware pre-rolled cones have become the benchmark for superior quality and ethical production, they are not the only brand out there focusing on their impact on the environment. Many of the leading brands are now focusing on creating eco-friendly solutions when it comes to their rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. Some of the most popular materials include:

Organic rolling papers 

One of the most common solutions nowadays is to use traditional rolling paper that has been created using the wood from ethical and sustainable forests. This means that for every tree that has been cut down, these manufacturers will plant at least one tree. This ensures that deforestation no longer occurs, and these trees can continue to draw in Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. 

Working with a sustainable forest means that each of these trees will reach full maturity before they are felled. Organic rolling papers are those made from wood pulp but have not been treated with any unnecessary chemical additives or substances. This ensures users are able to enjoy a truly clean paper. However, they are typically more translucent, and the unbleached paper also provides a slower burn than the traditional white rolling papers. 

These organic papers are also usually completely vegan and additive free, ensuring they are safe to use for all smokers. 

Hemp rolling papers

Another type of rolling paper that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of hemp rolling papers. Hemp paper was first created back in 150BC, but its modern popularity only began in the last few decades. These papers are amongst the healthiest on the market and are made using fibers from the hemp plant, which is an incredibly fast-growing plant that does not require the felling of any trees. 

JWare Bijou hemp pre-rolled rolling paper

Despite being made from the same plant, these hemp papers do not contain any CBD or THC, meaning they cannot get you high. Nowadays, these papers are created all over the world, and many of the leading brands on the market offer customers the ability to purchase hemp rolling paper. 

Rice rolling papers 

Although not as popular as other types of sustainable rolling papers, rice paper is still a common solution. Made from processing rice and then stretching the resulting mix into a very thin sheet. This results in a very thin and slow burning paper, giving users an incredibly light and clean smoking experience. 

This clean burn ensures users can experience the full flavor of their herbs without having to worry about the taste of chemicals. However, the sensations and slow burn might not be the best for those who are just starting out, as it can take some time to get used to. 

Cellulose rolling papers 

Cellulose rolling papers are another popular type of sustainable rolling paper made from sustainably sourced Asiatic Cotton Mallow. These are a unique tree-free style of rolling paper, famed for their completely clear finish, allowing smokers to see their herbs as they burn inside the cone. 

Asiatic Cotton Mallow is an incredibly fast-growing plant, which ensures it can be sustainably grown and produced, creating an eco-friendly production chain. 

Flax rolling papers 

Flax rolling papers are one of the most ethical and sustainable solutions on the market. This unique plant can be grown almost anywhere in the world, and the resulting paper creates a completely natural rolling cone that is one of the easiest to make in the world. 

It is also completely free from chemicals and additives, while the clean and smooth burn ensures that customers are able to enjoy one of the safest and smoothest burns on the market. 

What other sustainable brands are there?

As consumers continue to demand more sustainable and eco-friendly products, some of the biggest brands on the market are now adopting a more innovative approach to their rolling papers. Some of the most well-known brands now focusing on creating green rolling papers include:


Created by brother and sister duo Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg, who owned a range of successful coffee shops in Amsterdam through the 1980s and 90s. Their most famous was the legendary Future Coffee Shop, which gave birth to the Futurola brand in 1996. 

Seeing a wide range of products coming through their doors, the duo knew they could create products that were not only of a more superior product but also ethically sourced. They began by creating organic rolling papers made from Arabic gum that was produced from the acacia tree. Since then, they have continued their mission to give a fantastic smoking experience through organic and natural papers. 


RAW natural rolling papers are world-renowned for their quality and organic production. All of their products are created from natural ingredients that have no genetically modified organisms or chlorine bleach. They are also completely vegan friendly. 

RAW has always strived to provide the highest quality rolling papers that are not only great for customers but also completely friendly for the earth. That is why the entire product range is made from natural products that are completely unrefined, giving smokers the rawest experience possible. 


Greengo is a young and enthusiastic Dutch brand that is looking to give its customers the very best products at affordable prices. The brand has always strived to stand out from the crowd, and recently it has moved into the world of natural and organic rolling papers. These natural additions join its range of other eco-friendly products, such as its grinders and rolling tray.

Sustainability is important for usĀ 

Here at Eurocones, we are incredibly passionate about keeping this world that we live in in a better place than we found it in. That is why our young and innovative team is constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality pre-rolled cones and smoking accessories for 420 enthusiasts. We only work with partners who share the same ethos as our team, and all of our cones are expertly crafted from natural materials, ensuring they are 100% vegan friendly. 

Our mission is to elevate your smoking experience, so if you want to find out more, check out our full range or get in touch with our friendly team today!