What is The Best Cone Size For You?

Smoking pre-rolled cones Eurocones

Eurocones carry different kinds of name-brand, pre-rolled cone rolling papers that are ideal for each person that smokes a number of cigarettes and doesn’t need to roll papers.

Why should you worry yourself about rolling a sloppy hand-rolled cigarette when you can just grind and pack a perfectly rolled cone cigarette within seconds? It’s simple, quick and effective!

You won’t return to your ordinary rolling papers again, due to the fact that our supply of pre-rolled cones is amongst a number of the best great on the market. The satisfactory manufacturers of cones are J-Ware brand.

We sell an exquisite variety of pre-rolled paper rolling cones. Our pre-rolled cone-shaped papers are pre-equipped with a robust roach.

We offer rolling cones made with bleached or unbleached paper.

Pre-rolled cones come in a huge variety of sizes, paper materials, and use cases. The first step is to decide what kind of paper is best for your use case.

We have paper smoking cones available in all different sizes from our smallest reefer size cone to our most popular king size paper cones right up to our Party Size paper cones, B-52, and our Super Size paper cones.

The different sizes are explained individually in the following paragraphs.


Reefers are 98mm long and sold in packs of three and 20, making them the perfect choice if you only smoke a little at a time.

Looking for empty  cones? These Pre-Rolled  Cones (Reefer Size) are perfect for any special occasion! Whether you want a perfect straight cone to smoke or you just don’t feel like rolling it yourself; these Jware pre-rolled reefer size cones are the solution! All you need to do is grind up your herb mixture, fill the cone and you’re ready to light up!

Party Size

Handcrafted under the highest quality-control standards, our Pre-Rolled Party Size Cones burn slowly and evenly. You will enjoy the true taste of your smoke through a premium 100% FSC (environmentally friendly) filter tip and the thinnest additive-free paper around the world.

Party sizes are 140mm long and sold packs of three and 16. As the name suggests, if you are arranging a small party this is the cone for you.


B-52s are 130mm long and sold in packs of 12. These cones are wider than others in the range and therefore have a higher fill capacity than their length might suggest. These cones are a great option if you like to share your smoking experience with someone else.

Super Size

Super sizes are 180mm long and sold in packs of three. The ideal solution if you are likely to be sharing with several friends at large parties and get-togethers.

King Size Pre-Rolled Cones

I saved the best for the last – King Size Pre-rolled cones. There are 109mm long and sold in packs of three, 12, 32 60 and 100. They are particularly popular with average smokers.

King Size is a great value since it is made with premium paper and sold at the best price. The paper is ultra-thin for a slower burn and features a shorter 20mm tip.

If you are looking for high quality from the package to the smoking experience,

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The more of one product line you buy, the cheaper the cost per unit, with substantial savings available on bulk orders.

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