The variety of Pre-Rolled Paper

Eurocones hemp pre-rolled rolling paper

The quality of a smoking experience must go with a good rolling paper that is made from natural materials.

Eurocones pre-rolled rolling paper

There are a variety of rolling papers available for any cannabis smoker to choose from and there are made out of a ton of different materials. For example White Paper, Brown Paper (Unbleached), Hemp Paper, Rice Paper and a lot more out there.

More cannabis health-focused rolling papers have entered the market in the last two decades, such as transparent cellulose papers, hemp, and rice rolling papers to meet the needs of a more aware public.

When it comes to smoking cannabis, the traditional rolling papers made from wood always has its pros and cons.

Every joint smoker is different and each type of rolling paper have their unique features which every smoker find appealing. For example, the thickness, taste, and speed of burning paper are various characteristics that depend largely on individual personal taste.

When buying your next pack of rolling papers, in other to help you pick and make the best decision for your skill and preferences, below are the list of the most common variety of rolling papers, their differences, pros and cons, and features. This will inspire you to get adventurous with your rolling paper choices.


Rolling papers generally have different porosities for control of ventilation and combustion speed. Aside from this, it is possible for a white rolling paper to contain other substances that can slow down the burn, secure the paper, the ash and its smoke.

The white papers have a chemical appearance. This chemical is due to the chlorine presence or calcium carbonate that helps to slow down the burning.

These days, many first-rate trademark rolling papers are made without chemical treatments or substances that enhance burning, decreasing the feasible harm and taste of smoke.


Rolling paper is generally bleached to get rid of its brown color. This bleached method is usually highly contaminating the environment with its toxic substance such as chlorine. But today there are different kinds of rolling paper: bleached with chlorine-bleached, without chlorine with hydrogen peroxide or unbleached, which are the safest. Most of the Paper Factory now experimenting with a more eco-friendly and safer substance to do the bleaching.

The Brown unbleached rolling paper is considered safe for the body, environment and represents the healthiest option for the smokers.

The name is gotten from the brown color of the paper because the pulp remains unbleached, all-natural chlorine-free rolling papers that contain paper fibers (flax).

There are no problems with these papers going out on their own, they burn evenly and slowly with no paper taste.


The best rice rolling papers are made with completely natural ingredients, which means there are basically pressed rice. The rice rolling papers are always thinner than the other papers and are a little bit translucent.

This type of paper is for your lungs, but it could take a little more effort when rolling the paper. Although the paper is smooth it may not adhere well between your fingers and is rather vulnerable to some conditions, especially moist air. Avoid smoking with this paper when you are outside and it’s raining.

There are thin and yet burns really slowly.

The small material used for a single paper makes it a better choice for your health and to enjoy cannabis with almost no external aftertaste.

The same result can be achieved with plant fiber, which is used sometimes in rolling paper blends. In fact, there are rolling papers made of 100% plant fiber that can be considered a valid alternative to rice papers with analog features.


The industrialized hemp has returned with pride over the past 20 years and was immediately appreciated by the community.

First of all, these rolling papers help save trees because they are made of hemp fiber. It is always light brown in color because the bleaching process is generally not cherished by cannabis users.

Compared to Rice rolling papers, Hemp papers are thicker and rougher which provides a good grip when rolling. Nevertheless, they have a comparable tendency to soak up and eventually release humidity.

They have got a medium burning speed and come out less often than rice rolling papers.

The joints made with hemp paper could have a sensitive aftertaste that will not destroy the aroma of the burning herb that wraps it.

I encourage you to get adventurous with these Rolling Papers because there are many more out there and even if you are not a big joint type of person, there are very interesting.