Is Hemp Paper The Next Big Thing

Eurocones pre-rolled rolling paper

Did you know that the world’s first paper was made of hemp? In fact, for most of world history, hemp paper was commonly used.

Around 150 BC, the Chinese smashed down hemp fabric into thin sheets to make the world’s first paper. In 600 CE hemp paper reached Korea and in 950 CE Muslim Moors introduced hemp paper to Spain. In 1275 Marco Polo took a trip to China to take part in the use of hemp fiber for paper making.

I will share with you below some of my favorite facts about hemp paper and why it is considered by many as the next big thing.

Hemp is among the oldest crops that were cultivated for human consumption, with a history dating back over 10,000 years in the form of hemp fibers, according to the book: The Columbia history of the world.

Today, hemp is grown around the globe, from the UK, France, Eastern Europe, China, and for the past few years in the US.

Hemp can be used to create food (seeds), fiber (ropes, clothing), fuel (biofuels), and medicine (cannabinoid-rich extracts).

There is much more to the history of hemp.

The Gutenberg Bible, Mark Twain’s novels, and the first drafts of the US declaration of independence were all printed on hemp paper.

For centuries, Americans cultivated hemp to produce paper, ropes, sails, and money. And in 1916, the US Department of Agriculture called for the expansion of hemp acreage to replace the use of wood

Why is Hemp paper preferred by many over wood paper? The reasons can be seen below;

  • The Hemp paper is very thin and smokes very consistently all around.
  • When compared to wood, hemp offers a 4 to 5 time’s longer fiber, a drastically lower fraction of lignin, as well as greater tear-resistance and traction power.
  • Smoking hemp paper is much less toxic than smoking wood paper.
  • Because many smokers love being organic, natural and healthy, hemp paper is preferred.
  • And to save trees, our planet needs them.
  • After extensive research, we have discovered that there is no advantage to wood paper over hemp paper. In fact, hemp is in many ways more desirable.

A brand that cares about the environmental impact must shift away from wood paper wherever possible because it is the way to go!

Who will not be worried about the environment? There’s no big wonder that smokers and rollers all over the planet are opting to roll their very own cigarettes and blunts in recent times, and not only are they wanting to roll their personal smokes, but they’re also looking to roll their joints with natural paper.

Rolling papers that are not being produced in a way to harm smokers, the earth and its surroundings, and due to the fact growing hemp is way more ecologically pleasant, hemp papers are the best way for the future!

Are you still wondering if Hemp Paper is the next future for the pre-rolled paper cones? Keep reading.

First off, it doesn’t need any insecticides whilst being grown, plus hemp is a weed and will grow like a weed in abundance and faster than trees. Who desires to be slicing down trees in this day and age!

One of the satisfactory benefits of smoking a hemp paper is that in the end it’s way healthier for you than smoking bleached and chlorine papers. You will be getting a cleaner and more organic smoke whilst you use hemp papers for your joints, as there’s no chemical and bleach-based products in them, and most hemp papers use a completely natural and organic gum as nicely, so that you’ll revel in a much smoother and slower burn whilst you smoke with hemp papers.

On any occasion you are concerned about what hemp rolling papers might do to a drug test, if you ever needed to take one, do not be afflicted because the THC in a hemp rolling paper is without a doubt minuscule in comparison to a full-blown, purple haze joint, and not as the illegal cannabis in some states.

As you know, some countries in Europe have not legalised 100% the usage of marijuana, for instance in Austria and Italy, they can only be used as oil or just the smell (they cannot smoke them), therefore, hemp paper is one of the sought paper to use.

With Hemp Paper being the next big thing, a lot of humans in the world bother about their health, the environment and maintaining ecologically friendly things. It’s no surprise that there’s massive choice of hemp papers being produced by various manufacturers and companies.


Hemp Rolling Papers are becoming more famous with smokers who like to roll their very own cigarettes, as herbal papers have become greater concern with smokers.

As stated above, growing hemp is more ecologically pleasant because it needs no pesticides and is more environmentally friendly which for plenty of smokers is turning into an essential issue.

If you are interested in considering your health and the environment or combating a history of propaganda, then consider using hemp paper today! It is the next big thing!