EUROCONES Bumper 120/30 Hemp – Bulk Boxes

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This beastly pre-roll sleeve produces a Bom effect with every toke. Particularly popular in Denmark, this fat boy is perfect for a hefty dose. The watermark guarantees a slow and uniform burn to ensure the highest satisfaction.

This 245 box is enough to last you a lifetime! Or until next week…

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Unleash the true potential of your smoking sessions with Eurocones Pre-Rolled Papers - the ultimate bumper choice for connoisseurs seeking an exceptional smoke. Crafted with precision and care, our papers are delicately made from the thinnest and most translucent cigarette paper, ensuring a smooth, even burn that's second to none.

Get ready for a seamless rolling experience with our innovative 0.5mm ultra-thin glue line, crafted from the highest quality food-grade glue. No more worries about messy roll-ups; Eurocones guarantees a sturdy and reliable seal for a perfect smoke, every time.

Designed to perfection, Eurocones boast measurements and shape that perfectly meet the desires and requirements of coffee-shops and users alike. With a bumper-sized capacity, you can pack more of your favorite herbs or tobacco, ensuring a longer and more enjoyable smoke.

Experience the convenience of our specially designed filling system, tailored to accommodate your Eurocones with ease. And for those who prefer their own equipment, fear not! Eurocones are compatible with your existing filling gear, making them the ultimate versatile choice.

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Weight 3830 g


Product Type


Paper Type


Cone Size

120 mm

Filter Size

30 mm

Unit per Shipping Cases

6 units

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