EUROCONES Bumper 120/30 White – Bulk Boxes

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Embark on an epic journey with our colossal offering – 448 cones to be exact. It’s not just a purchase; it’s a commitment to an enduring smoking legacy. Brace yourself for a lifetime of indulgence, or at least until next week… because when it comes to an unforgettable smoking experience, our pre-roll sleeve stands as a testament to quality, quantity, and an unrivaled sense of adventure.

Available in white and brown paper

Eurocones Pre-Rolled Papers are a top pick for people who really care about their smoking experience. We make these papers with a lot of attention to detail, using the thinnest and see-through cigarette paper, so your smoke is super smooth and even.

We've also come up with a cool 0.5mm ultra-thin glue line, made from really good food-grade glue. This means you won't have to worry about messy rolls anymore – Eurocones always give you a strong and reliable seal, making sure every smoke is perfect.

Our Eurocones are designed just right, fitting what both coffee shops and regular users like. They can hold a lot, so you can pack more of your favorite stuff for a longer and better smoking time. It's all made easy with our special filling system, but if you have your own gear, no problem – Eurocones work with that too.

Additional information

Weight 3830 g


Product Type


Paper Type


Cone Size

120 mm

Filter Size

30 mm

Unit per Shipping Cases

6 units

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