Eurocones King Size 100 Hemp

Are you lacking both the skill and the time to do for yourself what others are much, much better at doing for you? Thanks to us, you’ll never have to roll another joint! Eurocones pre-rolled King size cones with tips included will make your life easier. Our King Size cones are hand-rolled with the thinnest and most translucent paper, with virtually no flavor or odor. The embossing on each pre-roll maintains a slow and uniform burn. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Price and Order minimum is 1 Shipping Case ( 50 Unit of Eurocones King Size 100 pack Unbleached)


Eurocones pre-rolled papers are made from the thinnest and most translucent cigarette paper. The ultra-thin glue line (0.5mm) is made from the highest quality food-grade glue. Their measurements and shape have been developed to perfectly meet the desires and requirements of coffee-shops and users alike and can be used best with the specially designed filling system from Eurocones as well with your existing filling equipment.

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Cone Size


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Cones Quantity per Shipping Cases

5000 pcs

Unit per Shipping Cases

2 x 25 units

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