Product Category
1Q (84mm)3
B-52 (120mm)10
Bijou (80mm)3
King (104mm)3
King (109mm)38
Medium (98mm)10
Mega (280mm)1
One D (84mm)3
Party (140mm)7
Pixie (60mm)3
Super (180mm)1
Weed Accessories39
Fill Block5
Cone Size
60 mm1
80 mm5
84 mm6
98 mm13
104 mm2
109 mm34
120 mm8
140 mm5
180 mm1
280 mm1
Paper Type
Filter Size
21 mm14
26 mm24
30 mm18
35 mm3
40 mm8
45 mm1
88 mm1

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Category: Herbs

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