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Will you order cones or papers at our wholesale business? Cones offer convenience and consistency, making them a preferred choice over traditional rolling papers. When you order cones instead of papers at Eurocones, you’re not just stocking a product; you’re providing a solution that meets the evolving needs and preferences of cannabis consumers.

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When considering the choice to order cones instead of papers, it’s important to understand the advantages of cones. The debate of cones vs papers often centers around convenience and ease of use, with cones coming out on top for their pre-rolled, ready-to-use design. Brands like Brocone and Dutchies are leading the way in quality cone production. Additionally, offering pre-rolled blunt papers can cater to customers seeking a more traditional experience but with the added convenience of pre-rolled products. Including a variety of weed accessories in your inventory ensures that you cater to all customer preferences, whether they favor cones or papers.


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By choosing cones over traditional papers, you align your business with the trend towards convenience and quality in the cannabis market. Cones for smoking are not just a product; they’re a statement of understanding and catering to the modern consumer’s needs. Make the strategic decision to order cones for rolling today and watch as satisfy customers with high-quality, convenient smoking solutions.