Pre-rolled or roll your own? What is the best solution?

JWare King Size pre-rolled rolling paper

Ask anyone who regularly smokes what they prefer, pre-rolled cones, or rolling papers, and you will likely hear plenty of different reasons why they prefer one over the other. Pre-rolled cones are a popular choice thanks to their ease of use, often being the preferred option for beginners, however many purists love the old school style of rolling their own… so which is the best solution?

When it comes to choosing between the two, it is primarily down to personal choice. However, to help you make your decision, we thought we would take a closer look at both options…

What’s the difference?

Before you can decide which to use, it is important to understand the differences between using a pre-rolled cone and rolling a joint yourself.


Pre-rolled Cone

A pre-rolled cone is exactly as it sounds. It allows users to enjoy their smoking experience almost immediately by purchasing a product that is ready-made and can be smoked without any preparation.

This makes them incredibly accessible for those who cannot roll their own papers or do not have the time to go through the rolling process every time they want a smoke. They are also a beneficial product for those suffering from an illness like arthritis and who might not be physically capable of rolling their own.

Pre-rolled cones also help to provide a more even burn when compared to hand-rolled options, helping to give a cleaner and more pleasant smoking experience. Many pre-rolled cone retailers, such as Eurocones, provide customers with a wide choice of style to choose from too, with multiple sizes readily available alongside cones made from different materials.

Rolling papers

Rolling papers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to let you roll your own joints and are typically made from a range of materials with hemp, wood pulp, and rice straw amongst the most popular. For many users, they like the traditional aspects of rolling their own joints, and the process of doing so can actually be as therapeutic as the process of smoking it.

Not only do rolling papers offer a more old-school method of smoking, but it can also be a cheaper solution, as well as giving the user complete control over customisation. By using rolling papers, users can easily decide the strength and quality of their joint.

What are the pros and cons?

Whichever option you choose, you always want to ensure that you are able to enjoy the very best smoke possible. Both options have their benefits when compared to the other, and it is important to remember that every smoker will have their own preferred method. We thought we would take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of pre-rolled cones and rolling papers.

Pre-rolled Cones – the pros
  • Great for beginners

One of the most useful benefits of pre-rolled cones is just how convenient they are. Users do not need to spend time rolling their own joint and instead can simply light up and smoke whenever they want. This is particularly useful for beginners who might not know how to correctly roll their own, or for those regular smokers who are just not able to roll consistent joints. With a pre-rolled cone, you are always guaranteed the perfect smoke.

  • More efficient

Thanks to them being ready-made, they are a much more efficient solution, and you can quickly create your daily or weekly supply in a matter of minutes compared to having to roll each one individually.

  • Can be more fun

Although the vast majority of pre-rolled cones are designed as a single joint, it is also possible to purchase a novelty, fun option. There are lots of different sizes out there, such as jumbo 12” cones or ones designed to smoke with friends.

Pre-rolled Cones – the cons
  • Predetermined

If you like to personalise your smoking experience, then pre-rolled cones are not the best choice for you. They are designed to offer the user the same shape and size every time, which means you can’t change to suit your style.

  • Easily damaged

Unlike rolling papers, which are flat and secured in their package, pre-rolled cones can be easily damaged if not kept in a protective tube. This means that you could go to smoke your joint only to find it has been crushed or destroyed in your bag or pocket if it has not been stored properly.

Rolling papers – the pros
  • Cost-effective

For rolling papers, one of the most significant benefits that users will always state is that they are more cost-effective. Because the user is having to do all of the work, rolling papers are very cheap – although the wastage can be high if you are not experienced at rolling.

  • Easy to find

Rolling papers are also very easy to find, available in almost every convenience store you walk past. This means that no matter where you are, if you are in need of some papers, you will be able to find some quickly.

  • Customisable

Unlike pre-rolled cones that are uniform in shape and size, rolling papers provide the user with a fully customisable solution. This means that they can determine the length, width and strength of each roll. Rolling your own also lets you decide the paper that you use, helping you to determine the burn rate of the joint.

Rolling papers – the cons
  • Can be difficult to roll

This is the biggest negative for rolling papers, with them requiring a real skill to roll the perfect joint every single time. This does not make them very user friendly, and it often requires a lot of trial and error before they are able to roll a good enough joint to enjoy every single time.

  • Time-consuming

Although some of the most experienced rollers will be able to put together a joint in a matter of minutes, it is a time-consuming process for the vast majority of smokers. Rolling a proper joint is a slow movement, and if you are planning to roll several in one sitting, you might be there for a few hours!

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing between pre-rolled cones and rolling papers. However, for many people, the ease, convenience, and time-saving benefits that using pre-rolled cones offer makes them a popular choice.

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