How to find the best pre-rolled smoking paper

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Once considered a poor alternative to rolling papers, pre-rolled cones have grown to become a very popular choice for experienced smokers over recent years. The industry is now packed with cones and pre-rolled papers for customers to purchase, but these vary in quality, so how do you find the best cones?

What are pre-rolled smoking papers?

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As the name suggests, pre-rolled smoking papers are smoking papers that come already rolled, which makes them incredibly convenient and quick to enjoy. They are also a great solution for smokers who either cannot roll their own joints or are unable to due to suffering illnesses such as arthritis. 

While there can be no replicating the pleasure of rolling your own joints, there are many benefits to using pre-rolled cones, and they are fast becoming a popular choice. There are many benefits to using pre-rolled cones, including:

The perfect joint every time

No matter how experienced at rolling joints you are, everyone will face the occasional paper tear, a joint that falls apart, or burns unevenly. A pre-rolled smoking paper will ensure that you can enjoy the perfect joint every time that provides a better taste and a smoother burn. 


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Pre-rolled cones are also a much quicker solution to enjoying a joint. By being pre-rolled, you can quickly fill your cones or make a large batch to enjoy over the week. This makes them a lot more efficient and can help to save significant amounts of time. 

Can be fun

Another popular benefit of using a pre-rolled smoking paper is that they can be a lot of fun. While the vast majority are created as a single joint, some providers offer novelty solutions such as jumbo cones or options which can be smoked by more than one person.

How to find the perfect cone

The market is packed with different pre-rolled cone manufacturers, which means the quality varies drastically between brands. If you are looking for the perfect cone, then it is worth trying a few different varieties first to ensure that you are able to understand the various burn rates, flavors, and styles available. 

When looking for the perfect cone, there are a number of factors that you should consider:

The brand
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When looking at the many various pre-rolled smoking paper available on the market, one of the most important factors to consider is the brand that you are purchasing. There are many different companies producing pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, so do your research and take a look at various reviews available. 

The best cones on the market are from reputable brands, and buying high-quality cones is essential. Manufacturers use a range of different materials to make their cones, but the most superior smoke comes from those pre-rolled cones that are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not feature any additives. 


Another important consideration to remember when trying to find the best pre-rolled cone is the flavor that you are seeking. There is no right answer to the perfect taste, and every 420 enthusiast is different. 

Some smokers seek a natural flavor from their pre-rolled cones, while others want something a little more flavorful than can help to enhance the overall taste of the bud. When choosing the right pre-rolled cone, it is important that you choose the right flavor for your smoke, as you do not want the cone to overpower your smoke. 

Every smoker is different, so when trying to find the best pre-rolled cone for your needs, you should buy a few different flavors from several brands to give you an insight into what is available. Some smoking enthusiasts like to keep certain flavored options for special occasions rather than using them every day. 


The next step to consider when trying to find the perfect pre-rolled cone is whether you want it to include a filter or not. This again comes down to personal preference, and lots of the best on the market do not come with a filter, which is actually standard practice for marijuana smoking. 

If you do opt for a cone that comes with a filter, then you should ensure that it has a paper filter. This will help to ensure that you do not waste any weed that might all out, but you will still be able to improve the airflow, making for a cleaner burn and better flavor. 


When finding the very best pre-rolled cones on the market, you want to ensure that the paper has not had any additives used in the production. The very best manufacturers will only use completely natural materials, and this is something that you want to ensure when buying a pre-rolled cone. 

A high-quality cone should be made using organic and unrefined materials. This will ensure that they are completely safe to smoke, and there are no chemicals interacting with the flavor of your weed. Alongside confirming the papers have no additives, you should also check the ingredients used in the filter. 


Another important consideration when choosing a cone is the glue that has been used in the construction. You want to ensure that your cone has been built using a natural water-based glue rather than chemical glue such as Ethyl Vinyl Acetate as this ensures a cleaner burn and your weed will not have any unwanted flavors. 

Burn Rate

A sign of a high-quality pre-rolled cone is that it provides you with a long and slow burn. Organic cones, such as those made using rice paper, are a popular choice, and they are also able to provide you with a number of additional health benefits. 

Paper cones sizes

The final thing to consider when finding the best pre-rolled cones is the sizes that are on offer. There is a wide range of options available on the market, so the best choice for you will depend on your smoking habits. If you are not sure which is the best for you, then try a range of options until you find the perfect size for you.

So what is the best pre-rolled cone?

The demand for pre-rolled cones has significantly increased in recent years, and there are now some fantastic and high-quality options on the market. However, there are also some lower quality cones, so when it comes to finding the best pre-rolled cone, you should conduct your research thoroughly and try various options out. 

Here at Eurocones, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with the very best pre-rolled cones possible. Our young and innovative team strive to give 420 enthusiasts the best cones on the market, and all of ours 100% vegan and made from completely natural products, ensuring you are able to enjoy the cleanest smoke possible. 

We do not just supply enthusiasts, either. Eurocones also works with many of the leading coffee shops in the Netherlands, with our filling devices designed to help them fill up to 100 cones in under three minutes! 

You can view our full range of cones here, while our growing range of weed accessories can be found here.