How Should You Smoke Your Weed?

There are few things better than sitting back after a stressful day and relaxing with a joint. However, while smoking rollup is one of the most common ways to enjoy cannabis, there are a range of different options available, including using a bong and a pipe.

These alternative methods offer a completely different experience, which can be a great way to change up your usual smoking session. How do they differ, though? We have taken a closer look at the best methods of smoking cannabis and how they can enhance your experience.

What is the effect of cannabis on your body?

Before we look at the various methods of smoking marijuana, we thought we would first take a look at how the plant can impact your body. The cannabis plant has been used by humans for thousands of years for both medicinal reasons and as a way to relax, and typically the plant is dried and ground up before being sprinkled into a joint and smoked.

While smoking is the most popular method of consuming the cannabis plant, it can be utilized in a range of other methods, including:

  • Being vaped
  • Using it within food, such as cookies or brownies
  • As part of an oil
  • Brewed within a tea
  • As a topical that can be applied directly to the body.

No matter how it is consumed, users will begin to notice an impact within a few minutes. As the substance enters the body and bloodstream, it begins to interact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. For many people, smoking weed is a recreational activity that helps them to relax and feel good.

Alongside creating that high sensation and enjoyment, smoking cannabis can also provide a wide range of health benefits, including:

Pain relief 

Chronic pain can be an incredibly debilitating condition that can make it incredibly tough to live life as individuals want. Research has shown that smoking cannabis can help to ease that pain and inflammation, allowing people to get around easier. 

Improve anxiety and depression 

In this fast paced world that we live in, it can be very tough to switch off and relax. This constant need to be on the go has seen depression and anxiety become two of the fastest-growing mental health issues as people struggle with burnout. Research into the effects of cannabis on the body have found that it has a range of positive impacts on mental health.

These studies have found that regularly smoking cannabis helps to relieve the symptoms of depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also reduce anxiety, helping smokers to relax and unwind. However, it is important to point out that weed is not able to help with all kinds of mental health conditions. 

Improve MS

For those individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis, smoking weed can also help to improve the symptoms and ease their discomfort.


For those people who suffer with epilepsy, cannabis has been shown to help ease the symptoms, particularly the two most severe types, Lennox Gastaut and Dravet. The benefits are so strong, that the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have actually approved medication that contains cannabidiols to treat them.

How to smoke cannabis 

Although there are many different ways to consume cannabis, smoking remains the most popular. No matter whether you are new to using cannabis or you have been enjoying the benefits the plant provides for many years, knowing the best way to smoke it is essential.

Smoking can be both a recreational event and a way to enjoy the many health benefits, but it can be overwhelming to know the right option for you. We have taken a closer look at the three most common ways to smoke marijuana:


Joints are without a doubt the most popular way of consuming cannabis across the globe. Joints are created using rolling papers, and there are many types to choose from, including:

Standard rolling papers 

Made from pulped wood, standard rolling papers are white in color and come in a huge array of sizes. Many of these papers often feature additives or chemicals to give them their crisp white color, improve their strength, and ensure an even burn.

Standard rolling papers can also come in an array of flavors and colors, creating a unique smoking experience. 

Organic rolling papers 

Quickly becoming one of the most popular papers on the market, these organic solutions are created using wood pulp that comes from sustainable forests. This means that for every tree that is cut down, at least one tree is planted in its place, removing the impact deforestation has on the environment.

Organic papers also do not feature any chemical additives, ensuring users are able to enjoy the cleanest smoke paper. 

Hemp rolling papers

Another popular type of rolling paper are those made from hemp. Considered the original type of rolling paper, with historians dating its usage back to at least 150BC, hemp papers are incredibly healthy.

Although they are made from the cannabis plant, hemp rolling papers do not contain any THC or CBD, so do not get you high. 

Rice rolling papers 

Rice rolling papers are another type of natural paper, and are created by processing rice and then stretching it into a thin sheet. Rice paper is popular solution thanks to its slow, light, and clean burn.

Thanks to that clean burn, using rice papers ensures that smokers can enjoy the full flavor of their chosen herb. 

Cellulose rolling papers 

A little rarer nowadays, cellulose rolling papers are created using the fast-growing Asiatic Cotton Mallow plant. This makes them a very sustainable solution, and they are famed for being completely transparent, allowing smokers to see their herbs burning. 

Flax rolling papers 

The final popular choice of rolling paper, although not as popular as they used to be, are those made from flax. This is an incredibly ethical material, and the sustainable plant can be grown almost anywhere in the world.

Completely free from any additives or chemicals, flax rolling papers provide one of the cleanest burns for smokers, allowing them to truly enjoy their cannabis.

Whatever paper you choose, the process of rolling a joint using papers is the same. First, you should break the marijuana down using a grinder, removing any seeds or bits of stem. Once crushed, smokers simply need to place the weed into the paper along with a filter and carefully roll their joint.

However, if you are not confident in rolling your own joints or you are unable to physically roll them due to a condition such as arthritis, then there are many pre-rolled cones available to choose from. These ensure that you can enjoy the very best joint every time while also helping to speed up the preparing stage.

Using rolling papers or pre-rolled cones offers smokers a wide range of benefits. The biggest is that they are incredibly easy, and you can take them anywhere you like. You can simply put your weed and papers in your pocket and enjoy a smoke wherever you like.

Smoking a joint is also a highly communal experience and can be easily passed around amongst friends, making for a great experience.


If you are looking for a more unique smoking experience, then using a pipe can be a fantastic choice. Pipes have been used to smoke cannabis for thousands of years, and are often seen as the most traditional method of enjoying your weed.

Pipes can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are also often made from a range of different materials. However, no matter what the pipe has been made from the constriction will remain the same. Each pipe will feature a hollow bowl at one end, a stem, and then a mouthpiece to inhale through. Some pipes might also feature a small hole next to the bowl known as the carb hole which allows smokers to clear the pipe of smoke.

Preparing your cannabis pipe is an incredibly easy process. As you would with rolling papers, smokers first need to break their cannabis down either by hand or using a grinder. From there, they should loosely pack the bowl of their pipe, taking care to not pack it tightly as this can make it difficult to take a draw.

Once packed, smokers simply need to light the bowl using a match or a lighter and inhale through the mouthpiece. If the pipe does feature a carb hole, then smokers should cover it as they light the bowl, allowing the smoke to build up before they inhale.

There are many benefits to using a pipe to smoke cannabis. One of the biggest is that it helps to ensure smokers can enjoy the full flavor of the weed without anything taking away or tainting the flavor. A weed pipe is also a very cost effective solution. Although there is a higher initial cost, if looked after a pipe can last for a very long time, ensuring you do not need to worry about continuously buying papers.

A cannabis pipe also has an array of benefits compared to using a bong. Firstly, they are incredibly to clean, and a specialist pipe cleaner can quickly brush out any residue so you can always enjoy the best smoke. A pipe will also not get hot to the touch, preventing your fingers from being burnt.


Just like pipes, bongs come in a wide range of styles and shapes. These unique devices use water to cool the smoke, filtering it in the process. Thanks to the smoke being cooler, it is easier to inhale, and smokers usually take larger hits when using a bong.

No matter what style that you opt for, the overall structure of a bong is the same. It consists of a large bowl, a cylinder known as the downstem, and a mouthpiece. When a user takes a hit, the smoke travels down the downstem and is then filtered through the water before traveling back up the neck to the mouthpiece.

That filtering process gives users a wide range of benefits, but one of the biggest is that it offers a far smoother hit. When smoking cannabis, the hot temperature can irritate the back of the throat and create an unpleasant sensation throughout the lungs, particularly for new smokers. A bong removes this sensation, ensuring a more pleasant experience.

Bongs also provide greater filtration. When you light anything, carcinogens and toxins are created. The water in the bong helps to filtrate the vast majority of these out, removing any nasty products that could create a foul taste. That bongwater will also trap bacteria, mold, and other contaminants to ensure that you are always getting the very best experience possible.

Thanks to all of this filtration, 420 enthusiasts are able to get this biggest hits possible. You could fill the entire container with smoke to take one huge hit, although while that sounds impressive it is not the best way to consume your weed.

Above all, though, bongs are a lot of fun. When used in a group they are a great way to connect with friends and even complete strangers, and their unique designs are sure to be a conversation starter.

Looking to enjoy your smoke?

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