Bamboo Rolling Paper: Is It Better?

What are your favorite rolling papers to use? 420 enthusiasts and smokers across the globe all have a preference, and there is very little in the world more enjoyable than relaxing with a joint that has been rolled with your paper of choice. 

When it comes to rolling a joint, smokers are spoilt for choice. The market is packed with various shapes, sizes, and flavors, and it can be a little overwhelming if you are new to the world of smoking. While traditionally rolling papers have been made using wood pulp, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for different materials, and in 2020 iconic brand Rizla unveiled the world’s first bamboo rolling paper. 

What makes for good rolling paper?

Before taking a closer look at bamboo rolling paper, it is important to understand what makes for a good joint paper. The first question to decide is whether you want to use rolling papers so that you can create your own joint or a pre-rolled cone, which is a more convenient and faster option. 

There is a wide range of highly reputable manufacturers for both rolling papers and pre-rolled cones, so taking the time to conduct your research on the best option for you can help to enjoy a superior smoke. 

Once you have chosen your style of paper, then there is a range of options to consider:

  • Type of paper

Rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes and are typically available in either white or brown, which indicates their burn rate. White rolling papers usually have a slower burn rate compared to their brown counterparts, although there are now also a range of more colorful options to choose from. 

The material of the paper is also important. As mentioned, typically, rolling papers are made from wood pulp, which is a thicker option, while smokers can also choose from bamboo rolling paper, rice paper, hemp rolling paper, as well as a range of novelty and innovative materials. 

  • Flavor 

Rolling papers also come in a various range of flavors to choose from. Most smokers opt for a more natural flavor so that the taste of the weed is not compromised or changed, while others prefer to enhance their experience by choosing a more flavored paper, which helps to provide a different taste. 

  • Additives 

If you are opting for pre-rolled cones, then another factor to consider is the additives used in the construction. The very best cones are those that have no additives, helping to give you a cleaner and more natural smoke, without the chemicals interacting with the weed. 

You should also consider the glue that is being used to keep the cone together, and more natural-based options can help to provide a smoother burn rate. 

  • Size 

Finally, the other major consideration is the size of the rolling paper or cone. Smokers have never had more choice when it comes to size, from regular size papers to jumbo novelty options, so it is important to take the time to find the right option for you. 

JWare Reefer pre-rolled rolling paper

What is bamboo rolling paper?

Bamboo rolling paper has been created to meet the growing demands from consumers around the world for vegan and sustainable rolling paper. While traditional rolling papers are made from natural ingredients and materials, trees take many years to grow to the correct size before they can be cut down and pulped into paper. This means cultivating trees is a very time-consuming process and still results in trees needing to be cut down. 

Bamboo, however, grows incredibly quickly, which makes it a great alternative for turning into paper. It is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, capable of growing up to a meter a day, which means that paper producers are able to produce much more product without damaging the environment. 

The plant also provides a range of environmental benefits, which makes its cultivation far better for the environment and wildlife. However, the benefits of smoking bamboo rolling paper do not just lie in the sustainable way the plant grows. Creating rolling papers from bamboo results in a highly flexible paper, which makes it very suitable for rolling your own joint. 

Alongside the flexibility, bamboo rolling paper also offers high strength. Every smoker will know the annoyance of a paper ripping while constructing a joint, and bamboo rolling paper provides incredible strength, helping to prevent those frustrating accidents! 

While it is incredibly strong, bamboo rolling paper also remains fully biodegradable, which helps to increase its overall sustainability compared to traditional papers. This means that the wastage of producing these papers is minimal, which makes it a highly popular choice for those looking to minimize their impact on the planet. 

In terms of the smoking experience, bamboo rolling papers are an ultra-thin style of paper, and they are constructed without the use of chemicals, helping to provide a clean and smooth flavor while smoking. Bamboo rolling paper also burns at a very slow rate, ensuring you can maximize your smoking experience.

Eurocones hemp pre-rolled rolling paperOther types of rolling papers

Of course, bamboo is not the only type of sustainable or eco-friendly rolling paper. In recent years there has been a growing trend for more sustainable solutions when it comes to rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. 

As consumers become more focused on the products they are consuming, they seek more natural ingredients, and organic rolling papers have grown in popularity. Some of the leading manufacturers have started producing more eco-friendly and sustainable papers, with the like of the RAW Organic range being created with completely natural materials, including a natural sugar glue. 

Hemp paper is also becoming increasingly more popular, as this chemical-free and natural solution able to further enhance the smoking experience for many smokers. Rice rolling paper is also growing in popularity as not only is it incredibly sustainable to produce, but it also provides a very clean and slow burn compared to traditional papers. However, the flexibility and grip of rice paper does take a little time to get used to. 

The market is also packed with a range of innovative materials and showstoppers, from the glass cellulose rolling papers, which are completely transparent, to extravagant gold options, which are produced from real gold leaf. 

100% vegan rolling papers

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