Smoking during the coronavirus pandemic: Who’s making your pre-rolled cones?

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of us. Around the world, people are having to adapt to the new normal, and social distancing and additional hygiene measures are becoming second nature. 

When it comes to smoking cannabis, pre-rolled cones are fast becoming a popular choice for experienced and new smokers alike. Traditionally, when rolling a joint yourself at home, it will involve rolling the papers by hand, before licking it to seal it shut. However, in the current situation, many smokers are wondering how their pre-rolled cones are made, and if they are safe to smoke. 

This is a particularly relevant issue, especially after 3,000 pre-rolled joints had to be recalled in America in August due to them being manually sealed by employees during construction. If you smoke pre-rolled cones, or are wondering how they are made, we have taken a closer look… 

How are pre-rolled joints made?

In recent years, the use of pre-rolled joints has increased, and there can be no denying their popularity amongst seasoned smokers and newcomers alike. If you are out of practice, or new to smoking, then rolling a joint can be difficult, while those suffering from arthritis or forms of chronic hand pain are often unable to build their own joints either. 

Pre-rolled joints are a great alternative for those unable to roll their own, providing a fast and simple solution. Although they originally had a reputation as being a lower quality product, they are now a very high-quality alternative to rolling papers, but how are they made?

There is no one right answer, and there are many different methods of making pre-rolled cones. Some people will roll a large batch of their own in one go, allowing them to quickly use them while on the go, whereas many companies are able to mass-produce cones which are then sold in various cafes and dispensaries. 

Pre-rolled cones differ between companies, depending on two key factors:

  • Grade of paper

Pre-rolled papers are available in a wide range of paper grades and sizes. Customers can also usually choose from a range of filters.

The papers are usually available in a range of quality, with the cheaper pre-rolled cones usually featuring lower quality paper. 

  • Shape and size

Although they can be created in almost an unlimited range of shapes and sizes, typically pre-rolled joints come in a uniform cone shape. This ensures that customers are able to enjoy the same joint every time they purchase the product, helping to create a clear brand identity and marker of quality.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]But how are the cones closed and stuck together? In the post-coronavirus world, this is one of the most frequent questions that smokers are asking. In the past, it was common for coffee shop staff to make a large batch of joints every day or week, which would typically be rolled by hand and sold to customers. 

This way would see the worker seal the joint manually. Although this was not normally seen as a problem, as technology and machinery approved, this fell out of fashion, and now most retailers in Europe use an edible glue to secure the paper together. This means that there is almost no risk of transmitting coronavirus through the production of pre-rolled cones. 

Many customers wonder if the glue is safe for use, and this is one of the most important aspects of pre-rolled cones. It is essential that the right amount of adhesive is used for the dimension of the cone. Too little glue, and the paper will not stick together and can become loose at the end, whereas too much glue will stain the paper and potentially affect how it burns. 

Of course, it is not just the cones themselves that need to be coronavirus safe. The entire production has had to significantly change as businesses adapt to the new measures, with staff having to utilize additional equipment such as gloves and masks. At the same time, tools will also need to be regularly sanitized. This is to ensure that consumers can have complete peace of mind that their cones are safe and secure. 

How do coffee shops fill pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled cones are highly efficient and can not only save significant time, but they also ensure that each joint is the same quality and standard. When it comes to filling these cones, there are a number of different methods that can be utilized.

Traditionally, they can be filled by hand. To do this, the cone needs to first be placed onto a flat surface, such as a rolling tray.

From there, the handler can scoop or fill the cone with their fingers or utilizing a tool known as a loader. This can be a time-consuming process, and in the post-coronavirus world, some customers are uncomfortable with their joints being handled by hands. 

That is why filling devices are becoming increasingly popular. They are able to quickly and efficiently fill multiple cones in one go while also adhering to COVID-19 hygiene measures. 

How we can help 

Here at Eurocones, we understand the importance of ensuring your business is COVID-19 secure. As a young and innovative company, our passionate team is here to bring people together and provide unique solutions to 420 enthusiasts. 

We focus on providing the very best quality products possible. All of our pre-rolled cones are 100% vegan and are carefully handmade following strict coronavirus protocols, ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind that their products are safe to enjoy. Our cones are available in a wide range of sizes, including King, Reefer, and Party, and we have always used edible glue to seal our cones. 

Of course, we do not just provide pre-rolled cones for consumers. We also provide a range of commercial filling devices for coffee shops to quickly fill multiple cones. Our unique Fill Block device will let you quickly fill up to 34 cones in one go. Simply add the cones to the device, and fill it with your favorite strain of cannabis. 

Knockbox cone filling device set

We also provide an even larger filling device, with our Knockbox 100 machine capable of saving coffee shops hours of work by filling 100 cones in under three minutes. This ensures your business can follow strict COVID-19 measures and provide your customers are able to enjoy the very best quality joints possible. 

Our team has been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic, following strict social distancing measures to ensure our customers and staff are safe. Want to find out how we can help your business? Get in touch today!