High vs. Stoned: What is the difference?

When it comes to smoking marijuana, many users will often use the terms high or stoned interchangeably. However, the two words can refer to two completely different experiences, both in terms of how you feel and how it interacts with the body. How do they differ, though? Can you choose which experience you want? We thought we would take a closer look at both terms and how you can separate being high from being stoned. 

As the use of cannabis increases worldwide, more and more terms are being used by smokers to describe how they feel. Whether it is being buzzed, loaded, spaced out, or potted, there are lots of terms to express the feeling after smoking a joint. However, the two most commonly used terms remain high or stoned. 

These two phrases are used by both medicinal users and recreational smokers alike, and they refer to the psychological and physical effects of smoking cannabis. These effects will be based on the levels of THC, Indica, and Sativa in the strain of marijuana being smoked. 

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Indica and Sativa are common terms for regular smokers, and they refer to the two main types of cannabis. These two strains originated from different parts of the world, but they are now found globally in marijuana smoking countries. 

These two strains offer different levels of potency and effects on the body, with Sativa being regarded as giving you that energetic and creative feeling while Indica is more commonly associated with feeling relaxed. 

As smoking becomes more commonly accepted, growers have become mixing strains or focusing on creating 100% Indica or Sativa options. However, just because a certain type is 100%, it does not guarantee that you will feel that way, and there are lots of factors in play depending on how it was grown and how the body reacts to it. 

Growth is an important factor when it comes to how cannabis affects the smoker. For example, if a Sativa strain of marijuana is harvested too late, it can result in a relaxed feeling. In recent years, the rise of CBD-rich cannabis strains means the plant contains almost no THC, which means it will give neither a high nor a stoned feeling. 

What does it mean to be stoned?

Although many smokers will interchange the term stoned and high, being stoned refers to a very specific state of mind. Being stoned refers to feeling very relaxed and can often feel like a heavy, drowsy sensation. When you are stoned, it can feel like everything is going in slow motion, and the smoker will often be very lethargic and deeply relaxed. 

Many people refer to the feeling of being stoned as ‘couch locked,’ meaning the user will simply want to be locked to their couch to relax and unwind. The calming impact of being stoned can be very pleasurable for smokers, and it is often the go-to choice for those people who are in high-energy jobs or stressful environments. 

While being stoned is an incredibly relaxed feeling, smokers will often experience the feeling of the munchies during the peak and after the effects wear off. Being stoned is also the more unsociable of the two sensations, with users typically wanting to unwind and relax on their own rather than be up and constantly chatting with friends. 

Some of the most common feelings associated with being stoned will include:

  • Pleasurably numb feeling 
  • Intense relaxation 
  • Drowsiness and sleepy sensations 
  • Very calm 
  • Very lethargic 
  • A sense of feeling hungry

What does it mean to be high?

While being stoned refers to the feeling of being lethargic and chilled out, being high is the complete opposite. When a smoker is high, they will actually feel a lot more energetic both physically and mentally. 

Being high is the equivalent of feeling pumped or having an adrenalin rush through the body, resulting in you wanting to be more active, talk with friends, or take on some more physical activity. Being high has also been known to significantly enhance creativity as the imagination begins to run wild. This is known as ‘cerebral high,’ and it often helps with unlocking new ideas and thoughts, which can be very useful for writers and artists. 

Being high can also leave the smoker feeling more optimistic about the world and confident in themselves. It can also help to ease the feelings of pain and aches within the body. 

However, just like stoned can have some downsides, being high does too. Some of the most common downsides of being high include a very dry mouth, red eyes, and some smokers have even noticed strong psychoactive effects. These effects are not as powerful as other psychedelic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms, but users can still experience vibrant visuals and hallucinations. 

Some of the most common feelings associated with being high include:

  • Being giggly 
  • Feeling very creative 
  • Being inspired 
  • Feeling physically and mentally energetic 
  • Being very talkative 
  • Feeling elated and happy

Can you control whether you are stoned or high?

No two smokers’ experiences will be the same, as the human body interacts with the chemicals found within cannabis differently. However, it is possible to some extent to control whether you end up feeling high or stoned after smoking your joint. 

Some people will want to either feel stoned or high, depending on their current mood or their plans. When it comes to controlling the sensation you choose, there are a few things to consider:

  • The strain of marijuana 

As we mentioned above, Sativa and Indica strains offer two very distinct sensations. That means if you want to feel stoned, then you should opt for marijuana that is more from the Indica strain, while to feel high, you should choose a solution that is higher in Sativa. 

  • How you consume it

Another important tip in helping you to control whether you are high or stoned is how you actually consume the cannabis. While smoking is the most common way of doing it, many users are now dabbing or using edibles. Dabbing can lead to a quick cerebral high, while edibles are typically a slower-burning option that results in you feeling stoned. 

When it comes to smoking your marijuana, the level of tobacco can also help you to create a stoned or high sensation. Tobacco can help to have a more relaxing effect on your body, so the more you include it in your joint, the more stoned you could feel. 

Of course, being stoned or high are not mutually exclusive feelings, and it is possible to feel both sensations at the same time. There are now many hybrid strains on the market that combine Sativa and Indica. These strains can give the smoker both feelings; for example, a Sativa-dominant strain of cannabis can provide the user a high feeling to start with before slowly developing into a stoned sensation. 

That sensation will be opposite with an Indica-dominant strain, as the stoned sensation slowly clears to give a more creative feeling. Balanced strains are becoming a popular choice for smokers as they tend to provide a more balanced sensation without being too overpowering one way or the other. 

For some people, particularly those just starting smoking, the sensations might last a little longer than they had expected. There is a range of options to help reduce the effects of the joint. A cold shower can help to reduce the sleepiness and relaxed state that comes from being high, while evidence has shown that foods containing terpenoid compounds can reduce the impacts of the drug. 

How long does being stoned or high last?

When it comes to feeling stoned or high, the longevity of the sensations will depend on a wide range of factors. Smokers can begin to feel the effects of cannabis anywhere between two and ten minutes after beginning their joint.  

When it comes to how long the effects last, the experience will be different for every smoker. Marijuana can impact everyone differently, and some people might feel the high or stoned sensation for a few hours while others might find that they last for up to eight hours. 

How long the effects will last will depend on a wide range of factors, including:

  • How much marijuana you smoked

If you smoked a small amount of cannabis, then the longevity of your stoned or high feeling will be shorter than if you had a joint that was packed with marijuana. 

  • The level of THC in the strain 

THC is an important factor in deciding how stoned or high you are, so the longevity of the sensation will depend on the levels of THC in your particular strain. 

  • Your body’s natural metabolism 

Everyone’s body will process cannabis differently, and your natural metabolism will have an important role in how long the sensations will last. Someone with a high metabolic rate will likely find that they are able to process the cannabis quicker and will notice the effects wear off faster. 

  • Your body fat percentage 

Your overall body fat can also impact how strong and how long the sensations of smoking a joint can last. Those with a higher rate might find that it takes more marijuana to give them that high feeling. 

  • Your tolerance 

Regular marijuana smokers will have built up a considerable tolerance compared to those who are just starting out. Those smokers with a higher tolerance will often find that the stoned or high effects wear off quicker than in those whose tolerance is lower. 

  • Whether you have eaten or not

One factor that many smokers do not consider is how food can impact the sensation of feeling high or stoned. Certain foods such as mangoes can actually help to strengthen and extend the feeling of being high, while others that are rich in fat can reduce the effects.

Stoned vs. high, which is better?

When it comes to choosing between being stoned or high, it is an entirely personal preference. Some smokers will prefer the relaxing sensations that come from using Indica-dominant strains, while others will be looking for the creative and energetic feelings that come from being high. 

Most smokers will enjoy a certain feeling at a certain time, and what is the best solution for one moment might not be right for another. As the popularity of cannabis continues to grow worldwide and technology and cultivation techniques increase, many growers are now able to offer more unique and innovative hybrid strains. These hybrids are becoming increasingly popular and give the user the very best of both worlds. 

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