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When businesses buy dog walker cones, they cater to a growing market segment that values quick and convenient smoking experiences. Dog walker cones, known for their compact size and efficiency, are perfect for customers seeking a brief, satisfying smoke. Eurocones understands this market trend and by choosing to buy dog walker cones from us, you can meet the evolving preferences of your clientele.

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To buy dog walker cones is to diversify your cannabis accessory offerings. These cones are smaller than the traditional king size cones, making them a unique addition to your inventory. When considering wholesale for joint cones, dog walker cones provide an option for those preferring a shorter session. These reefer sized cones fill the gap between the larger king size and the smaller, more discreet dog walker cones. Furthermore, opting for pre-made cones ensures consistency and quality, saving time for both your business and your customers.


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Placing an order for dog walker cones is a step towards enhancing your business’s product diversity. Alongside your purchase, consider buying a grinder, another essential accessory that complements the dog walker cones, providing a complete solution for your customers. By expanding your product range with these thoughtful additions, you position your business as the place to be. So, place your order today or contact us for an answer to any additional questions.